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4 Tips for Improving your Web Design Skills

4 Tips for Improving your Web Design Skills

Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Are you looking to sharpen your web design skills? You might be looking at some of the web design heavyweights in the industry and wondering if you are ever going to reach such levels. However, it is essential to note that no matter how good or talented they are at their trade, there was a time when they were just like you. The critical thing is to keep your motivation levels up, be determined, and put in the extra effort. That web designer you look up to didn’t become a master overnight!

As an aspiring web designer, some practices can come in handy during your journey. In addition to learning web design, some concepts and tips can be used to strengthen the web design foundation and help you become better. This includes:

Borrow ideas and inspiration from the best

As mentioned earlier, some of the best web designers did not make it overnight. They had to learn and sharpen their skills to be where they are now. That said, the fact that they are in a higher position means that they know a thing or two about web design that might help you in the long run. 

For this reason, looking for website design inspiration is really important. There are tons of designs, templates, and samples on the internet that can be of great help to you. For example, you can visit a website with such templates and borrow some tricks and features that you might not be familiar with. As a web designer, you know that a single element can mean the best or the worst for your website and trade in general. Therefore, do not hesitate to compare your work with other top-tier designers and see what you can do to improve your work too!

Practice makes perfect

Every web designer knows there is no shortcut to becoming a master in the web design world. You might follow all the tips provided by friends, mentors, and view videos on the internet, but if you do not practice, all this will be in vain. The more you practice, the more you grasp the web design concepts and familiarize yourself with new features.

However, one mistake that many web designers make is practicing their web design skills and tips for web design on production sites. This is not advisable. Instead, it would be better to look for a safer and more private space to practice in. This way, you will have more freedom to practice and try out new concepts and designs without tampering with websites or breaking anything. 

One might wonder, where then is the best place to practice my skills? One of such safe spaces is a local host practicing. This is because you will break things while trying new ideas. However, this will not be a problem when working on localhost. It will be better for your practice while being able to rectify the mistakes too!

 4 Tips for Improving your Web Design Skills

Exchange feedback with other designers

There is always a thing or two that you can learn from other designers at the same level as you. To make it even better, you can develop a two-way traffic channel to give and receive feedback from other designers. 

Look for designers with the same motives and long-term goals as you. After that, exchange your designs and let them give you feedback on your work. This will help you identify the areas that you need to work on and improve. 

Additionally, let them share their ideas and designs with you and give feedback too. This will go a long way in helping you improve your skills too. You are wondering how? There is a phenomenon known as the Protege effect, which briefly means that you grasp a skill better when you teach it to others. Viewing other websites with a critic’s eye will help you identify the problems and introduce better ways of doing it to other web designers. This way, you will be working on your design skills too. 

There are numerous platforms where you can connect with other designers and help each other improve. This includes Facebook, Reddit, and even Telegram. 

Some time back, web designers had not incorporated features such as parallax scrolling in their work. However, most websites being developed nowadays have the feature included in them. This means that the world of web design keeps on changing, and these trends drive the market. Therefore, if you want to be counted among the best, it would be best to pay attention to trends. 

Many web designers have platforms where they post yearly trends. Moreover, you can also do your research and pick out the trends happening now and then. This way, you will have the latest skills, which will put you in a better position as a designer. 


The journey to becoming a web designer is a long one that requires effort, persistence, and the hunger to learn. With all the information at your reach, all you have to do is reach for it. The results will be evident soon enough.