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4 Unexpected Benefits of Humidifiers

4 Unexpected Benefits of Humidifiers

You are probably wondering why more people are now using humidifiers at home or the office. Aside from being a fancy little side decor, a humidifier can bring a lot of good into one’s indoor space.

If you are interested in buying a humidifier for yourself, then you are bound to get a long list of benefits. These benefits will be thoroughly discussed in this article. Furthermore, a piece of professional advice from a trusted service provider could also help you land on the best humidifier that suits your needs. 

Here are the benefits you will get from using a humidifier:

 1. Increased Air Moisture

 Living in an environment with dry air is one of the leading causes of many irritation and respiratory symptoms such as dry skin, dry and irritated eyes, frequent coughs, dry, scratchy throat, cracked lips, sinus headaches, and more. Without getting appropriate treatment, these symptoms may worsen over time.

According to Smile HVAC humidifiers will help to prevent these symptoms from affecting you and your loved one, increasing your home’s air moisture would be a huge help. A humidifier is the most comfortable and most affordable way to add moisture to your home’s air.

Moreover, here are a few other health benefits of increased air moisture:

● Increased air moisture can keep the hair, scalp, and skin healthy and moisturized.

● Having enough moisture in the air can help decongest the clogged nose and ease sinus headaches.

● Increased air moisture can help you avoid flu and colds, especially in the winter months.

● Based on a study from the National Academy of Sciences, the influenza virus has higher chances of survival and transmission in areas with dry conditions. Thus, by using a humidifier, you can help stop the spread of flu bacteria.

● Air moisture can help lubricate a person’s airways, thus, reducing snoring.

 2. A Warmer Home

 A humidified air can help your home feel warmer, especially in the winter months. This is because the more moisture in the air, people’s sweat evaporates a lot slower, leaving them to feel warmer. This is why a humidifier is a significant all-year-round investment for your home. 

Moreover, when your home feels warmer during the cold weather months, you can save costs from having to use your home heating appliances. Since your home feels warmer, you can lower the use of thermostats or even totally skip it out.

 4 Unexpected Benefits of Humidifiers

3. Healthier Indoor Plants

Humans are not benefiting from the use of a humidifier alone. The majority of popular houseplants these days come from the wild, wherein they thrive through abundant air moisture. Dry air can cause plants to lose leaves, have dry leaf ends, and even stunted growth.

If you have plants inside your home, especially exotic ones, you must ensure that there is enough moisture in the air in your indoor spaces. Thus, a humidifier would be an excellent investment to keep your houseplants healthy and happy.

4. Long-Lasting Wooden Furnishings

Did you know that a humidifier can help your furnishings at home last longer? Humidity fluctuations can cause wooden elements, including furniture and flooring, to have adverse reactions. 

Wooden doors may also experience size changes, thus, making them a bit more challenging to close and open. On the other hand, tables and chairs’ legs and arms may start wobbling once their joints become loose.

Wooden materials require constant moisture level to keep their optimal condition. When used correctly, a humidifier helps your wooden furnishings at home look their best and last longer. 

Which Humidifier is Best For You?

Before investing in a humidifier, make sure to know which type best suits your needs first. Humidifiers come in different types for different purposes.

Here are the different types of a humidifier in the market and their advantages:

● Steam Vaporizer

Steam vaporizer humidifiers are compact and one of the most affordable types of humidifiers available on the market. This type of humidifier works by heating water then cools it down before misting it into the air.

● Central Humidifier

Central humidifiers are installed into the air conditioning unit and central heating of your home. It helps with the humidity level of your entire house instead of just one space. Central humidifiers are the most expensive types of humidifiers you can find.

● Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers come with both warm and cool mist options. This type of humidifier produces mist into the air through ultrasonic vibrations. This type of humidifier also comes in various size options. 

● Evaporator

Evaporators work by blowing air through a fan into the moistened filter. Evaporators are affordable, but they tend to retain too much moisture in the air. Too much air moisture can result in mold growth and can foster dust mites’ growth.

●Impeller Humidifier

Impeller humidifiers work through rotating disks running at high speeds to release moisture into the air through a cool mist. This type of humidifier is known for being child-friendly as it doesn’t cause burns.

 4 Unexpected Benefits of Humidifiers

A Few Tips For Using Humidifiers at Home 

To maximize the benefits of your home humidifier, here are some easy-to-follow tips: 

  • Use demineralized or distilled water instead of tap water to avoid mold growth.
  • A water change should be done daily as standing water encourages mold growth.
  • Regularly clean your humidifier to get rid of accumulated dirt and bacteria. Use disinfectant wipes to keep the inside parts of your humidifier clean.
  • Regularly clean and change the filters to get rid of trapped dust, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Individual humidifiers such as evaporators and impeller humidifiers are risky when overused. Always check product instructions to ensure proper usage.

Also, since a humidifier is powered by electricity and uses water, make sure to wipe excess liquid when refilling it to avoid electrocution accidents. Besides, it is better safe than sorry.

Final Words

From preventing and alleviating specific symptoms and diseases to keeping your wooden furnishings in their optimal condition, a humidifier can genuinely work wonders inside your home. When you invest in the right humidifier, you can enjoy all the exceptional benefits it can offer.