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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Single Friend 

4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Single Friend 

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, but why should couples get all the attention? Platonic love is just as important as romantic, so use this time to let your friends know how much you care about them. Here’s a guide of gift ideas to get you started. 

Thoughtful Card 

When you think of Valentine’s Day you might think of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and flowers, or balloon delivery. While these gestures are a nice sentiment, the best way of letting someone know how you feel about them is using your words. You can get your friend a Valentine’s Day card from Card Factory and fill it with reasons why you love them. It’s a simple, sweet, gift and the thought will mean so much to them.


Another Valentine’s Day tradition is a couple will have a romantic meal. Well, why not put your own twist on this? You could give your friend a cookbook, paired with a promise that you will cook and have dinner together once a month. Admittedly, this might have to be virtually to start with. If you want to make this gift extra thoughtful, you could put together recipes based around foods you know your friend enjoys. This is a gift for both of you as you get quality time together. 

 4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Single Friend 

Cocktail Night

After dinner, why not have some drinks? A cocktail night can bring all the fun of the bar into your own homes. Whether you and your friend attend a virtual cocktail class together or buy a bunch of ingredients and hope for the best, you’ll have so much fun creating your own concoctions. The two of you could get dressed up and make an evening out of it, even from separate homes. If There’s plenty of simple cocktail recipes the two of you can try. 

Spa Kit 

Perhaps you’re after something calmer. There’s certainly something to be said for the gift of a relaxing evening in. You can send your friend spa goodies so they can spend an evening pampering themselves. It gives them an excuse to treat themselves and gives them time to unwind. If you’re unsure of which products to get your friend, there’s a handy guide right here, which covers all budgets. 

While romantic love and relationships are, of course, worthwhile – it’s still important to show your friends how much you appreciate them. Do you have any ideas on what to get your single friends for Valentine’s Day?