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5 Design Trends for Your Open Concept Custom Home

5 Design Trends for Your Open Concept Custom Home

It feels like 2021 has just barely begun, and it’s already seen some major changes in the world of home design. Due to the pandemic, many homeowners suddenly found themselves in the same space for the majority of the day, so it’s no wonder that their design senses have shifted. If you’re going to be buying a new home in the near-future (especially if you plan to build a custom home before moving in), we’ve laid out a few of the top trends in design, and how they can help you best make use of your new space before you move in.

1. Large Kitchens with Islands

With many homeowners now cooking at home, the kitchen has reasserted itself as the center of attention. A large kitchen with an island, or even two islands, is now in high demand. Not only does this give the resident cook more counter space to work with, but it also allows for more seating. Everyone ends up in the kitchen to talk with their host so why not plan for it!

2. Make A Room Multifunctional

Another trend in 2021 is a movement towards custom homes where all the spaces are used regularly. This means no more living rooms where the furniture is only for show, or a dining room that’s only used once a year. As a result, many designers now offer homes where rooms are designed for multifunctional use. Dens, in particular, are perfect multifunctional rooms. Dens are usually small, but open spaces that can be easily to a guest room.

 5 Design Trends for Your Open Concept Custom Home

3. Warm, Earthy Colors

Many paint companies have built their upcoming 2021 color lineup with warm, earthy shades in mind, and with good reason. Choosing quality paint in warm colors for the walls will help give a space more depth, giving the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. Warm colors also match well with upscale finishes. 

4. Making Homes Accessible

Many homes are now being designed with accessibility in mind. For example, single-floor homes, such as bungalows, completely eliminate the need for stairs, making it easier for those who may have troubles navigating steps. Bathrooms, too, have seen a major change. 

Many now choose to keep the bathtub and shower completely separate, allowing for the installation of walk-in showers and larger bathtubs into their washrooms. Not only does this give you the luxury of choice, but it also keeps the shower accessible for those who may have issues climbing in and out of the bathtub.  

5. Rethinking Outdoor Spaces

With many stuck at home, the outdoor space has become more important than ever. Because of this, designers are now looking for ways to make the yard feel more a part of the home. An easy way to do this is to have the kitchen lead directly into a backyard porch, walkout, or patio. This seamless transition from kitchen to backyard also has the added benefit of making your kitchen look more spacious than it actually is. When looking for a new build be sure it includes a covered terrace.