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5 Designer Furniture Brands You Need to Know About

5 Designer Furniture Brands You Need to Know About

Choosing luxury furniture that reflects your unique style can be extremely overwhelming, especially with the myriad of options in both brick and mortar and online stores. While there are no specific rules for finding furniture pieces that combine luxury with quality and class, it is usually easier to shop for your preferred style at a renowned home interior furniture brand.

That said, whether you are looking to furnish a new home or update the furniture in your current home, check out these five top designer furniture brands that are popular among luxury-loving homeowners today.

1. Eichholtz

For over 30 years since its launch, Eichholtz has defended its reputation as being one of the leading furniture brands of the 21st century. 

With a mission to translate customers’ ideas into customized furniture designs, this brand’s eclectic range covers not only elegant furniture pieces but also stunning lighting accessories for home interiors. Today, Eichholtz’s sleek and sophisticated collection reflects the values they are widely known for. 

By specializing in the modernization of traditional furniture, Eichholtz has no doubt become a significant influence in today’s world of designer furniture.

2. Liang & Eimil

When we think of stylish, eye-catching home interior decor, what immediately comes to mind is Liang & Eimil exclusive range of furniture, accessories, and lighting.

Featuring everything from luxury sofas, to decorative vases, to sleek candle holders, and ornate mirrors, Liang & Emil’s collection of contemporary furniture is renowned for adding timeless splendor to homes and boutique hotels. 

Their Brass Regency Wall Lamp will immediately lend warmth and ambiance to any living room.

 5 Designer Furniture Brands You Need to Know About

3. Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture is one of America’s oldest family-owned furniture brands. For over 130 years, this designer company has consistently crafted a vast collection of vintage and contemporary furnishings for various settings, including corporate offices and outdoor areas. 

In 2008, Bernhardt’s residential division, Bernhardt Interiors, was launched to build furniture pieces that blend nicely with any home interior. Today, their wide selection includes sofas, coffee tables, ottomans, and dining sets, among several other stunning pieces. 

4. Skyline Furniture

Founded in 1946 by Norman Wecker, Skyline Furniture Mfg., Inc is a family-owned and family-operated wholesale furniture company based in Chicago. Combining luxury, style, and affordability for all budgets, Skyline creates sophisticated furniture pieces of diverse designs that are custom-built to suit your needs and style. 

This brand’s range of furniture and accessories not only tend to last long, but they also blend nicely with any other furniture pieces you might own. 

5. Laskasas

Since its launch over 15 years ago, Laskasas has built a solid reputation in Portugal as a reliable interior design brand that crafts and sells stylish handmade furniture, luxury upholstery, and metalwork pieces for residential and commercial spaces. 

Laskasas’s main goal is to help homeowners achieve their dream home, which is why the brand offers an exclusive range of furniture, including splendor sofas and metal-finished side tables. 

It also offers a vast collection of home accessories, such as table lamps and ornate mirrors—all of which are available at the best possible prices.