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5 Finishing Touches to Give Your New Build Home a Facelift

5 Finishing Touches to Give Your New Build Home a Facelift

When you are building your own home, it is likely that you will be focusing on its main features, such as its exterior walls and layout. However, once these have been completed, you may believe that your new build is missing something and that it is already in need of a facelift. To make sure that your house is a functional and yet stylish space, here are some of the top steps that you can take to finish things off.

1. Install Fresh Guttering

Although you might not believe that guttering is the most creative aspect of your home, it is important that you take its design into account. This will enable you to make sure that every aspect of your home fits your specifications, while protecting it from leaks and water damage. There are many types of guttering that you can choose from, with materials such as galvanized steel and PVC being two of the most popular. To install or freshen up your guttering, Rock Solid Exteriors specializes in gutter installation for private properties.

 5 Finishing Touches to Give Your New Build Home a Facelift

2. Think About Focal Points

In most homes, their owners have decided upon a focal point that can grab the attention of guests and can provide a gathering point at the center of the home. Although new builds will not have old fireplaces that they can remaster and bring back to life, you should consider installing a large built-in feature, such as a fireplace or a large floor-to-ceiling window, in order to give your central room the wow-factor. 

3. Consider Architectural Flourishes

Although you might have previously been focused on the exterior of your home, it is now time to consider the small details that can make your new home stand out among the rest of those on your street. For instance, you may consider installing columns or pilasters either inside or outside your home. These can give your home a classic aura that will never fall out of fashion. Alternatively, you can opt for smaller flourishes, such as decorative moldings and cornices that can allow your skirtings to jump out from the paintwork. 

 5 Finishing Touches to Give Your New Build Home a Facelift

4. Invest in Exciting Décor 

However, your new build house does not rely alone on its architecture in order to be stylish, and it is the perfect time to invest in attractive and exciting décor to personalize your home. For instance, you should consider investing in attention-grabbing light fixtures and artwork, installing islands and grand staircases that can make a difference to the appearance of the room, and even soft furnishings that can make your house seem like a home.

5. Remember Your Flooring 

If you are building or designing your own home, it is important to take the flooring of your rooms into consideration. Most new builds now opt for hardwood flooring, with this being one of the most popular home décor trends of 2020. Hardwood flooring is incredibly durable and can be easily maintained throughout the year, unlike carpet, which can be easily destroyed by muddy feet and paws. When you are choosing hardwood, you need to decide on the width of the planks, the type of wood, and the grain of the flooring in question.