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5 Home Appliances And Their Repair Costs

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Every home item exhibits evidence of wear, tear, and age over time. Most household appliances show signs of aging on their exteriors, and some break down unexpectedly, leaving a significant dent in your wallet. This is why many homeowners choose to enroll in a supplemental home warranty plan as well to help cover some of these costs.

If any of your decade-old appliances are giving you trouble, it may be a sign of potential repairs. This article will look at appliance repair costs, answer some frequently asked questions, and give some quick tips to maintain your appliances.

Appliance Repair Costs & When To Repair

This section will take you through some significant signs that indicate your appliance needs repair and the costs behind you’re likely to incur.

Washing Machine 

Washing machines have an estimated lifespan of six to eight years. You might consider DIY repair work for minor external problems such as pipe cracks, which are relatively frequent. However, call a professional appliance repair person, if:

  • Your clothes are unusually wet, even at the end of a wash cycle.
  • The drum isn’t rolling.
  • Your machine is not completely draining.
  • You see water accumulating on the ground.

The average cost to get your washing machine repaired would be $100–$650. Below are the repair costs of some crucial parts:

Parts Average Repair Costs



Door lock



$230 – $300

$300 – $400

$350 – $550

$110 – $200

$120 – $175

$150 – $275


The average refrigerator lifespan in a typical household is up to 13 years. However, you must get your refrigerator repaired, if:

  • You hear rattling, clicking, buzzing, or humming sounds.
  • You smell a chemical odor in or near your refrigerator.
  • Your food is freezing or crystallizing.
  • Your food isn’t staying cold enough.
  • You are having issues with the installed ice machine.

The average cost to get your refrigerator repaired can range between $200–$500, depending on the severity of the issue. Below are the repair costs of some crucial parts:

Parts Average Repair Costs
Refrigerator compressor

Refrigerant leak


Door seal

Coils replacement

$200 – $450

$200 – $300

$100 – $440

$50 – $440

$100 – $440

Cooktop & Oven

Your cooking range and oven need regular maintenance, and repairs since anything going wrong can cause a fire. Furthermore, a specialist should repair cooktop issues since electric devices pose a risk of electrocution and gas units may pose carbon monoxide poisoning threats.

So, contact a repair professional immediately, if:

  • It takes a very long time for your oven to warm up.
  • You cannot hear the fan in your oven.
  • Your stove’s pilot light has gone out
  • You notice any control board malfunction.

The average cost to fix a cooktop & oven can be anywhere from $100 to $430, depending on the product and issue. Below are the repair costs of some crucial parts:

Parts Average Repair Costs
Oven Door

Control Board

Heating Element

Fan Motor


$100 – $250

$150 – $300

$150 to $400

$100 to $250

$100 to $250


Fortunately, dishwashers are among the least expensive kitchen appliances to repair. According to mainstream estimations, dishwashers have a life expectancy of nine years. However, it’s time for some repairs, if:

  • Water is accumulating beneath the dishwasher.
  • Your apartment smells musty or unpleasant.
  • The water in the unit does not drain.
  • Your dishes are not sufficiently washed or dried.

You will need to pay anywhere between $50–$400 to get your dishwasher repaired. However, the exact amount will depend upon the type or model of the dishwasher and the problem at hand. Below are the repair costs of some crucial parts:

Parts Average Repair Costs


Control Panel


$50 – $125

$50 – $300

$150 – $350

$200 – $500


The motor, as expected, is the most expensive component to repair, although belts, thermal fuses, and thermostats are all quite affordable. However, you should seek expert assistance if:

  • Clothes take longer to dry out.
  • Your dryer sometimes shuts down.
  • You hear rattling, squeaking, and pounding noises.
  • Your dryer’s drum is not spinning.

The total or exact cost of dryer repair is determined by the brand of your appliance and the specific part that fails. You can expect this amount to be anywhere between $50 to $500. Below are the repair costs of some crucial parts:

Parts Average Repair Costs





$50 – $125

$75 – $150

$100 – $200

$150 – $250

$150 – $500

Is The Appliance Still Under Warranty?

Check your appliance’s handbook or records and determine if the defective device is still covered under warranty. Most major appliance warranties or manufacturer warranties cover labor and components for a year. You can also purchase a home warranty plan for your essential appliances and systems. A home warranty plan is a service contract covering the repair and replacement costs of items included in the plan.

With a home warranty, you will just need to pay an affordable premium and a service call fee to get the repairs done. This amount ranges between $40 to $150, depending on the company. There are plenty of home warranty companies in the market offering suitable plans for appliances. You can give them a try and save on those out-of-pocket repair costs!

Tips For Appliance Maintenance

Here are a few tips that can help your appliance be efficient in the long run. Have a look:

  1. Do not overload your washing machine and clean it every two weeks.
  2. Clean the dust from the coils behind your refrigerator. Since the dirty coils hamper insulation which causes overheating.
  3. Use lemon juice or vinegar solution to get rid of unpleasant odors in your dishwasher.
  4. Make sure you clean your oven every time after use.


Don’t wait for your appliance to breathe its last before you start taking action! Look out for the warning signs and make the necessary repairs. Additionally, we recommend maintenance and regular servicing to make the most out of your appliances.