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5 Reasons You Don’t Want A Smart Lock

5 Reasons You Don't Want A Smart Lock

What are the real-world benefits of a smart lock on your door? How much could it add to your home security, and would it make a meaningful difference if you had a smart lock installed? There is a lot of debate about this question on whether a smart lock is secure or not. If you have been looking to add a smart lock to your home, you’ll want to read this. We contacted Get-Locksmiths Orlando branch and asked the owner Richard Vazquez if smart locks can be hacked. He said yes and gave us four more reasons why you may not want to get a smart lock.

As much as smart locks can deter old school burglars, the new school thief is a digital housebreaker who keeps adapting to the latest technological trends. If you objectively look past the colourful benefits of this cool technology, you will realize that most smart lock companies need to walk an extra mile to replace the conventional locks in supply to place homeowners miles ahead of digital opportunists. Here are some worrisome flaws that smart locks have that any modern home or business owner should know.

1. Reliance on smartphones

One of the main benefits that drive consumers to buy a smart lock is user convenience. Well, you won’t have to hide your keys under the mat anymore or bother your neighbour to check if you locked your front door. As much as it is exciting to dump the old bunch of keys, you will need your smartphone to access your house. A phone could get lost or stolen, which means the problem of misplaced keys or lockouts you’re trying to solve remains. Your phone is your new key, and you’ve to take extra caution like you would with keys. Another problem is that your elderly relatives may not have the smartphones know-how. Such devices are also prone to hackers who can easily force themselves into your network to compromise your security.

2. Expensive to buy and install 

While some consumers may want to jump on the bandwagon of this home security advancement, the cost is still a barrier to some. You will need a few hundred bucks to buy a quality smart lock and pay a professional locksmith to do the installation for you. The standard cost of a smart lock in the US ranges between $150-$400 depending on your immediate security needs. For installation costs, be ready to part with $100-$1200 depending on the type of lock you buy. For instance, simple locks that can fit on an existing lock can cost $100, while locks that require a sophisticated system to work may incur a maximum cost of $1200. Maintenance cost should also be factored in this expenditure equation. In the long run, it can end up being a liability.

 5 Reasons You Don't Want A Smart Lock

3. Susceptibility to hackers

A smart lock may keep burglars out of your house if installed and maintained appropriately with the necessary upgrades. Most have sophisticated safety features like facial recognition, keycodes, biometric-enabled, and voice recognition. However, these locks can have malfunctions that can compromise your safety. For instance, hackers can hijack your password and gain access to your house just like you would through your phone. A 2016 report by researcher Antony Rose shows smart locks are vulnerable to hackers and ransomware attacks. After testing 16 Bluetooth enabled locks, he found 12 of them poorly secured or relying on rudimentary security protocols. So there’s a possibility you could get locked out of your house or lose valuables items.

4. Wi-fi outages and batteries 

Again smart locks depend on an internet connection to run. So what if your Wi-Fi connection gets interrupted or there’s a power outage or the batteries die. Some would argue that they always remember to charge their phone. That much can be true, but you can easily forget to replace batteries for your front door lock. There are those special instances when an emergency is inevitable. Lucky for you, the modern locksmith industry has greatly advanced to offer personalized services in such situations. Similarly, a WiFi outage can disable your remote functionality, and all the info on the lock system will disappear. You’ll lose track of any activity on your lock if such happens. Keep in mind that you need that information so that you can be sure your house is safe while you’re away. Even worse, the lock can get damaged, which costs you extra money to repair.

5. They are removable 

As earlier mentioned, smart locks can be tampered with, like the old manual lock. Hackers are not the only threat; a thief can physically drill the lock from the door, dismantle it, and access your house. If your decision to purchase a smart lock system is to keep away the thief, no lock will guarantee you that.

Is a smart lock really worth it? 

Smart locks are convenient and easy to use, unlike the traditional lock. But if it’s about your home’s security, then you must be aware of the weaknesses of a smart lock before you buy one.