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5 Tips For Creating A Luxurious Bedroom At Home

5 Tips For Creating A Luxurious Bedroom At Home

If you want to feel like you have run away to a luxurious hotel every time that you enter your bedroom, then taking some simple steps can help provide that feeling. In fact, you may find that you spend less on creating a luxurious looking bedroom than you would for one night at a five-star resort, and you get to enjoy it every night.

Update Your Bed

The first thing that you need is an excellent mattress, especially if you suffer from back pain. Then, use top-quality sheets on it. The higher the thread count, the better-quality sheets that you are buying. Consider using natural fiber sheets as they will feel more comfortable against your skin as you sleep. Additionally, keep them freshly laundered and use some essential oil spray to keep them and your bedroom smelling terrific. Use at least six pillows on a standard-or-queen-size bed. Start by stacking two great sleeping pillows on the bottom. Then, add two more fluffy pillows on top. In front of the stack that you created, add two throw pillows. Complete the look by adding another throw pillow in the middle to bring it all together.

 5 Tips For Creating A Luxurious Bedroom At Home

Accentuate the Positive

Look around the room and find out what its most positive feature is and find a way to draw attention to it. For example, if your bedroom has large windows that let in a lot of light, then consider adding a seat under them for reading. Alternatively, if the room has a high ceiling, then draw attention to it by painting it or adding some architectural details to move the eyes upwards.

Use a Neutral Color Scheme

While you may want to use bright colors in some rooms of your home, skip them in your bedroom. Instead, choose a neutral color scheme. Start by painting the walls a neutral color or if painting is not allowed, then use removable wallpaper. Then, select furniture that is a neutral color. Complete the look by choosing bedding that is also a neutral color.

 5 Tips For Creating A Luxurious Bedroom At Home

Add Finishing Touches

Think about the small things that you saw the last time that you stayed in a nice hotel. Then, add those things to your bedroom. Be careful, however, that you do not make the area look cluttered because clutter creates stress. You may want to put some of your favorite magazines on a table and add a bouquet. Adding a water pitcher and a crystal drinking glass can provide a nice touch. One thing that you really should invest in is nice hangers for your closet. Go ahead and splurge on a lovely smelling candle that will last all season long.

Pick the Right Window Treatment

Most luxury resorts use a blackout curtain and a sheer lacy curtain on their windows, and it is a straightforward window treatment to do at home. Install a blackout curtain that is the perfect size for your window. Then, cover it with a sheer curtain that you hang a little higher and let flow down below the window sill. 

Following these simple tips will give your bedroom a luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Get started today and enjoy feeling like you are staying in a five-star resort every time you go to bed.