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5 Tips to Care for Your Premium Wood Flooring

5 Tips to Care for Your Premium Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring gives your home a stunning aesthetic that is hard to ignore. Compared to the normal tile or vinyl flooring, it needs a little bit more care. Due to seasonal changes and aging, hardwood flooring needs to be taken care of at regular intervals. 

Seasons like the monsoon, winter, and fall, bring rain, snow, and dirt respectively which hampers the aesthetic of the hardwood flooring. Especially, if you have got your floor made from premium wood, chances are you will have a big hole in your pocket when repairing it. To avoid damaging the premium flooring, proper cleaning and care need to be maintained.

Without regular maintenance, wood flooring tends to lose its stunning nature and shine. It will not be able to retain its initial charm to become dull and dusty. Such situations can be avoided by taking care of the flooring mindfully by using mop safe for hardwood floors.

Now that we know the importance of maintaining hardwood flooring, we need to know how to do that. Methods of wood flooring maintenance involve protecting it by using things such as liquid wax for wood floors for cleaning occasionally. An extra effort towards keeping your wood flooring clean can go a long way in keeping your interior’s charm alive.

5 Tips to Maintain Premium Wood Flooring

1. Clean Spillage of Any Liquid Immediately

Spillage of water or any other liquid is harmful to solid wood flooring. You should avoid having solid wood flooring near the bathroom or kitchen. Water spillage can harm the looks and strength of your wood flooring. 

A liquid can cause the flooring to warp, lift or even crack. You would not want your spendings on your premium wood flooring to go to waste. 

You can avoid spilling liquid on the flooring till a certain point after which it is bound to spill. You must clean the spillage immediately to avoid any harm to the flooring. You can clean with a cloth or a dedicated mop. There are mop safe for hardwood floors available in the market that help you clean the floors in a quick and effective manner.

2. Prevent Heel Stamps and Scratches

Heel stamps and scratches are the worst enemies of hardwood flooring. Scratches or imprints of high heels and scratches from a pet’s claws can ruin the look of solid wooden floors. These stamps, imprints, and scratches should be avoided at all costs using carpets.

Either you can use carpets to avoid scratches and stamps or you can also trim your pet’s nails and avoid using heels and other sharp objects on the floor. Also strictly avoid using harsh materials for mopping and cleaning.

Use mops and materials that are safe for the wooden floors and will not cause any harm to them. Using a microfiber mop is recommended because it is gentle on the wood and will not cause any unnecessary scratches or abrasion.

 5 Tips to Care for Your Premium Wood Flooring

3. Protecting the Flooring From Wind and Sunlight

The wind carries dust inside the house which accumulates on the floor and furniture. The dirt and dust can make the solid wood floors look really old and uninhabitable. To avoid it you can use curtains that will prevent the wind from entering the interiors of your house. 

Excessive sunlight is another element that causes the color of the wooden flooring to fade. Discoloration and fading of the wooden flooring diminish its charm. The more the color fades, it begins to look rusty and old. A definite way to avoid that is to use heavy shades and curtains that will prevent both wind and sunlight from entering your house. 

4. Solid Wood Flooring Wax

You can prevent having scratches and heel stamps till a certain point after which you will need to get rid of the abrasions that are already there. Regular uses of wooden floors cause it to have some scratches and mark that makes it look ugly. 

A product that can help you get rid of the marks is liquid wax for wood floors. Liquid Wax used for cleaning floors is a legendary product that helps to clean almost all types of flooring. There are a lot of brands available in the market, both online and offline that have liquid wax. 

5. Sweep and Vacuum Clean Daily

The ultimate way to keep your floors clean and safe is to sweep it daily. If not sweep and mop you can also vacuum clean it daily to take out all the dust accumulated on the surface. A cleaner home also makes for a clean living environment. 

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications and you can choose the one that is best for solid hardwood floors.


Premium hardwood floors need some maintenance to carry their looks and glamour. Cleaning your floors regularly is not enough and sometimes you need some preventive measures to avoid rusting, and damaging the floors. 

With certain precautions and cleaning mechanisms, you can maintain your solid wood flooring for up to many years. The cost behind getting wooden floors should not go down the drain. So, it is best to take care of your floors regularly with the given five simple steps.