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5 Types of Odors That Air Purifiers Can Remove

The air purifier stands on the floor in the bedroom next to the bed and cleans the air of dust

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Most people like waking up or coming home to the scent of fresh roses, lime, plants, or even the ocean breeze. However, it can be the worst experience for you if you are rudely awakened by the smell of rotting food, mold, mildew, dirty diapers, or the toilet.

Most of the time, it is impossible to deduce where the smell is coming from, let alone eliminate it. Even though people try to use air fresheners or scented candles to keep their home odor-free, what do you do when the smell wafts through the entire house? You need an air purifier for this job.

Today’s air purifiers are equipped with special features and filters that trap most molecules in the air that cause foul smells and keep your home smelling nice and fresh all the time. Not only can you eliminate odors with an air purifier, but it will also allow you to breathe easy once again.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at five types of odors that air purifiers are capable of eliminating.

1. Smoke

The smell of smoke is always foul, whether it comes from a cigarette, burning food, or anything else caught on fire. Not only that, but it is also harmful to your respiratory system, especially if you are asthmatic. Smoke molecules can also penetrate your furniture, rugs, and carpets, and the smell becomes unbearable.

To make sure that smoke doesn’t continue to spread a bad odor all over your house, you can make use of an air purifier that can trap smoke particles and remove them from the air. Electronic air purifiers and ionizers are also useful in such a situation. Other air purifiers can also trap smoke molecules and push them towards the ground, so you can vacuum the floor and get rid of the smell.

2. Pet Odor

We all love pets, but sometimes it can be really difficult to handle the odor that comes from their daily business, especially if they are used to doing it inside the house. Moreover, pets tend to gather a lot of dirt in their fur, and it can cause a nasty odor if they aren’t bathed properly. Pet owners know how difficult it can get to clean up their pets, but removing the smell from the house is another uphill battle. For this purpose, an air purifier is the only solution that they can avail.

Pet odor can also spread quickly within the house and penetrate your furniture and fixtures, and it can become embarrassing for you, especially if you are hosting family or friends. Using an air purifier will help isolate the smell in the air and leave your home with clean and odorless air.

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3. Food Smells

We also love eating, but some foods can cause an unpleasant smell in your home when they are being cooked. One such culprit is fish – whenever you are cooking fish, you will notice a particularly bad smell throughout the house, and it doesn’t leave for days. This smell is caused by the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in fish, and it can happen with other foods that contain these.

Therefore, you will need to run your air purifier on full blast to ensure that the fish smell is taken care of as soon as it starts to emerge. Not only will it keep the house free from the smell, but it will also result in a healthier environment for you to breathe in.

4. Garbage

If you regularly take out the garbage, kudos to you. However, if you skip this chore at least 4-5 times during the month, you are familiar with the foul smell emanating from the garbage bags the next day. This happens because the garbage bag is a mixture of vegetables, bones, meat, and other food items that continue to decompose with each passing hour. Over time, the smell can become unbearable and sickening, which is why you need to take out the garbage every night.

Apart from taking out the trash, an air purifier will also help you keep the air clean and free from even the slightest smell of day-old garbage. You might think that spraying air fresheners around the house will mask the smell, but it only mixes up with the odor molecules and causes a whole new kind of smell that will cause you to run out of the house.

5. Dirty Diapers

Last but not least, households with children can attest to the foul and nauseating smell that comes from kids’ dirty diapers as soon as they are removed. Even if you throw them into a trash can with a lid, the smell doesn’t disappear. Moreover, the diapers continue to pile up in the can, causing the smell to increase tenfold.

If you have at least one kid in the house, you can save yourself from the foul smell of dirty diapers by installing an air purifier.


This concludes our guide on the types of odors that air purifiers can remove. There are several other types of smells that air purifiers can take care of, and you can read their description before buying them to find out what they are useful for.