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6 Kitchen Accessories You Might Want To Consider In 2022

Man prepares crepes in the kitchen

Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Foodies are always on the lookout for new kitchen trends, finding ways to improve the way they cook. They also have the passion for excellent food presentation, as evident on their social media posts. With their obsession on food, it’s no wonder they’re always looking to upgrade their kitchen. 

But whether you’re a foodie or an ordinary homemaker, you deserve to be treated with new, cool kitchen gadgets and accessories, so you can enjoy your time in the kitchen more and whip up delectable dishes for your family. 

People who spend a long time in the kitchen usually prioritize efficiency, quality, and food aesthetic when they cook or bake for any occasion. This is why you’ll always find something that will trend every so often on social media and feel the urge to buy those tools you’ve discovered. Thus, the hashtag #socialmediamademebuyit was introduced.

Here are some kitchen accessories that you might want to consider in 2022:

1. Stainless-Steel Grill For A Pizza Oven

If you love freshly baked artisanal pizzas, a wood-fired oven is the perfect tool for you. Wood-fired ovens are also known as masonry ovens. They’re a baking chamber made of fireproof brick, stone, or concrete material. They can withstand soaring temperatures, perfect for cooking slightly charred Neapolitan-style pizza. 

Typically, pizza can be cooked in this kind of oven one at a time, but with the stainless-steel grill for the pizza oven, you can now cook two to three pizzas, especially if you’re going to have many guests over. A 304-grade stainless steel can withstand the incredibly high temperature of the oven. The stainless-steel grill can even be used to prepare steak, bread, kebabs, and many other food items you would usually cook in a convection oven. If you need more information or want to buy one, there are helpful resources you can check out.

2. Smart Meat Thermometer

Meat or steak lovers rave about this modern tool. The high-tech thermometer is wireless, and it can be synced to your mobile phone. It takes the guesswork out of cooking any meat and will ensure the perfect outcome each time. 

Upon inserting the probe in the meat, you need to follow the app’s instructions.  When you input the necessary details, like the kind of meat, type of cut, and doneness preference, the thermometer will inform you of the estimated cook time and set the timer for you. All you need to do is wait, and the perfect steak will be ready in no time. 

 Man cooking crepes

3. Butter Churner 

Homestyle silky butter is hands down better than commercially available ones. When you make your own butter, you know all the ingredients that you will incorporate are only the best ones. And when you churn your own, you may experiment with different flavors, like herbed, spiced, or honey butter. Your options are endless. 

A butter churner is an easy tool to use. You need to rotate the churner, and you will see from the transparent glass how beautifully the cream is whipping into a silky-smooth butter.

4. Herb Scissors

Herb scissors feature five sharp blades that can simultaneously cut herbs in a consistent size, making the meticulous foodie in you very happy.

Fresh herbs are a must for an excellent aglio olio pasta. A chiffonade of fresh basil leaves right before serving will make the dish more flavorful and authentic. So, preparing a chiffonade of basil at the beginning is not recommended. When you do this, the herb’s aroma may dissipate. Instead, it’s better to cut the herbs into thin strips towards the end of the cooking process. 

5. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Presentation is always crucial. Why not serve your watermelon cocktails with real giant watermelons? With a fruit keg tapping kit, you can turn a watermelon into a drink dispenser. Your guests will be wowed, and you’ll have one less serving bowl to wash after the party’s over. 

Make the watermelon your centerpiece, and your guests will be refreshed all night with cool, delicious watermelon cocktails. 

6. Quesadilla Maker

Mexican fare wouldn’t be complete without quesadillas. The quintessential Mexican treat is always present on Taco Tuesdays, movie nights, and game nights. There is something comforting and familiar about quesadillas, so people of all ages love them. 

When you prepare the tortilla at home with a quesadilla maker, you can make sure that all the ingredients you want will be added. So, whether you want just Oaxaca cheese or you like to put beef, chicken, corn, veggies in your quesadilla, it’s all up to you.


A nice tool or accessory in the kitchen is always a great investment. Having top-quality things in the kitchen will unleash your creativity and fuel your desire to whip up a sumptuous meal that makes everyone in the family happy.