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6 Museums with the Most Beautiful Architecture 

6 Museums with the Most Beautiful Architecture 

Art and architecture go hand in hand, especially when it comes to museums. Grand museums with beautiful design and stunning architecture are not solely visited because of what is inside, but also because of the building itself. 

Visiting museums has become a popular past time because of how fantastic they look – whether they be designed with a modern twist or stick to a more traditional exterior and interior. In tribute to such striking architecture, here are the very best museums to visit around the globe.  

  1. Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

This is a truly wonderful museum to visit. Not only is there a selection of art to gaze upon, from modern to traditional, but there’s a beautiful winter garden for you to walk around or drink coffee and have a slice of cake within. Peaceful is one word that describes this museum.

 6 Museums with the Most Beautiful Architecture 

  1. The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Bilbao museum is crafted from titanium, glass, and limestone, seeming to make an effortless curvaceous design. This museum’s exterior has been compared to many things, such as a bouquet of flowers and a boat – because of this thought-provoking design, The Guggenheim Bilbao has become one of the world’s favorite museums.

  1. The Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

Sitting on the peninsula of the Doha waterfront sits this beautiful museum, which comprises of a five-story main building that is smooth, clean, and peaceful looking, taking great inspiration from its surrounding Islamic architecture. The Museum of Islamic Art was designed by I.M. Pei, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect.

 6 Museums with the Most Beautiful Architecture 

  1. The Natural History Museum, England

First opening its doors in 1881, The Natural History Museum is a grand building with large open halls and highly-detailed ceilings. Renowned because of the dinosaurs that reside inside the building, be sure to take the time to gaze around you and see your surroundings. The building reflects how museums used to be viewed as an expensive endeavor that only the affluent could enjoy, but nowadays it is free to access. Cash Lady considers this free museum one of the best for families and individuals to visit. 

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  1. The Hanoi Museum, Vietnam

Seemingly upside-down, this inverted pyramid building in Vietnam is quite a sight to behold. You’ll notice when viewing this museum in real life that it was designed to replicate and sit peacefully amongst the city’s traditional villages and architecture. 

What makes this museum completely unreal, however, is that when you are gazing out the windows from the third-floor, you feel as if you are floating. What’s more, its inverted pyramid design provides shade and shelter during the rainy and sunny seasons. When in Hanoi, be sure to visit other must-see destinations such as those listed on the Vietnam-Guide.

 6 Museums with the Most Beautiful Architecture 

  1. The Ordos Museum, China

For many, this museum looks like a giant blob, refusing to blend in with the surrounding buildings. Its rustic coloring complements the Chinese Gobi desert it sits within, and its modern design fits the new town of Ordos – a town that was built in 2004. Because of its lack of residents, you’ll feel like you are exploring a ghost town, adding to its atmosphere. The Ordos Museum isn’t the only building to be created in the desert; however, be sure to check out this sea urchin designed building in the Sharjah Desert.