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6 Problems That Only a Plumber Can Fix

Plumber struggling with sink drainage

Consisting of many different components, the plumbing system is among the most relied upon systems in a home. It is thus prone to damage, wear, and tear over time and from frequent use. This is why homeowners encounter plumbing problems from time to time, some of which can be addressed DIY whereas others are best left to a plumbing expert. With this being said, here are six problems that only a plumber can fix.

1. Stubborn Drain Clogging

Homes usually have several drains as part of the drainage system. Most commonly, these drains exist in places such as the kitchen sink, bathroom, verandas, and outdoor paving, where refuse water is directed to the sewer system for eventual disposal. Nonetheless, the waterways beneath the drain can get blocked over time, causing flooded sinks and bathrooms.

While some drain clogging issues can be resolved using DIY tricks like using a plunger or running hot water through, some are stubborn as a mule to deal with. You could even make matters worse in the process of trying to eliminate them. Expert plumbers can take just a few minutes to fix drain blockages that may have traumatized you for days if not weeks or months. If you’ve tried a few tricks and the drain just won’t clear, it might be time to give your plumber a call.

2. Running or Blocked Toilet

Depending on the number of people in your household, there’s a chance the toilet is used a few times each day. Over time, this essential facility may get blocked so that whoopsie and other waste matter won’t go down the toilet bowl. It could get messy, unhygienic, or become a health hazard or a plumbing emergency, necessitating the immediate attention of a plumbing expert. The same can be said for a running toilet, considering the complex design of most modern units.

 Plumber repairing a sink drain

3. Water Heater

A water heater helps enhance your comfort, convenience, health, and even safety in various ways. Have you ever jumped into the shower early in the morning before work, only to find ice-cold water coming from the shower? A faulty water heater can make your whole day a nightmare, but an experienced plumber can help inspect the unit for problems such as:

  • Problematic thermostat
  • Busted pilot light
  • Water heater leaks
  • Stuck valve
  • Rusted pipes

4. Leaky Pipes

While some plumbing leaks are obvious, it can be extremely difficult to tell exactly where your pipes are leaking within your plumbing system.  Apart from affecting water pressure, leaky pipes, unfortunately, can result in massive losses as far as your monthly water bills are concerned. This is not to forget the damage they can do to your property and household belongings if left unaddressed. Here are some tell-tale signs your pipes might be leaking.

  • Skyrocketing water bills
  • Mold/mildew growth
  • The water meter won’t stop running
  • Musty smells around the home
  • Cracks on foundation

5. Leaking Faucets

If you’ve owned a home for a considerable while, you’ve probably encountered this. Faucet leaks are undoubtedly among the most frequently-encountered plumbing issues you can face. If they’re not fixed fast and professionally, they could result in huge losses out of wasted water and repeat repairs. Moreover, the problem could be in the O-ring, washer, or cartridge, which you might not figure out unless you have some plumbing experience.

6. New Plumbing Installation

This is more of a necessity rather than a problem. Nonetheless, you need your plumbing installation addressed by a pro when building a new home and this involves considering numerous factors to ensure the entire system runs smoothly and effectively.

A plumber’s prowess can never be estimated. As much as you could do some plumbing fixes DIY, some problems are best left to the experienced guys. Thankfully, now you know the problems that only a plumber should address.