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6 Unique Ways to Impress Your New Boss

6 Unique Ways to Impress Your New Boss

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Super exciting! You have a new job to look forward to! Of course, once the excitement dies down, the reality will set in and chances are you’ll start feeling the pressure to perform—even within the first weeks. 

Yes, you’re still learning the ropes and your boss may have some understanding for mistakes at first. But the company does want to know they made the right choice in employing you, so use our list of tips to make a good impression off the bat. For success in business casual polo shirts are as important as that degree hanging against the wall. 

Pleasing the bosses will help you get some momentum in building your career. So, if you’re hungry for success, make note of everything below. 

Accept Feedback Graciously

Firstly, in those first few weeks you must accept that you’ll make mistakes and often miss the mark. You don’t know everything about the products, clients and processes yet, so don’t be naïve about being everybody’s hero right away. 

Of course, your work and mistakes will prompt feedback from those around you. Accept this in the light of how it’s meant. Your team is trying to help you fit into the company’s mould, for the benefit of clients and the brand. So, don’t take feedback personally. Decide beforehand to accept it graciously, even make note of it and use it in future tasks, presentations and discussions. 

Share Your Know-how Humbly

With that being said, being the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you don’t have anything valuable to contribute. Your objective view—unfiltered by past experiences with the product or clients—may provide valuable insight to the company. 

Also, if you’ve completed training for the position you’re in, you come with a set of skills the new employers want to utilise. So, make it clear that you have value to add:

  • Share ideas during brainstorming sessions
  • Mention how you’ve solved similar problems in a different scenario in the past
  • Tell them about new state-of-the-art solutions in the industry they may not be aware of yet

Do this with a humble attitude, not with pride. This will earn respect for your skill, rather than team members getting fed up with you being arrogant. 

Audit Your Reputation

What others think of you does matter. It’s not about impressing everyone and being something you’re not. But you should be cognisant of how others perceive and experience you. Answering too quickly may have people think you’re too impulsive and body language could make people think you don’t respect them.

So, after heated discussions, think back about how you acted. If you realise you’re sending a message that could get you alienated, make better choices next time. 

 6 Unique Ways to Impress Your New Boss

Don’t Flatter—But Have Your Boss’s Back

Being respected by your team doesn’t mean you’ll always do what they like, but you should be known to have a good character. Be someone others can trust, especially your boss. 

One quick way of damaging your career is letting your boss think you’re bad mouthing him or her. So, especially in those first days, don’t ever say something or use body language that could make your boss doubt your loyalty. You don’t have to flatter someone to gain their respect. 

Over time, others will get to know you as not being interested in office gossip. Also, when your boss knows you’re an ally rather than a backstabber just trying to get ahead in the game, you’re more likely to get shortlisted for that promotion. 

Look the Part

Throughout navigating all these situations, it helps if people are impressed at first sight. This relates to your hair, your clothes, your shoes and even whether you smell good. 

We’re not saying you have to wear a suit and tie necessarily. Rather, you need to research the company culture so you can dress accordingly. It will help you fit in and feel more comfortable from the start.

Do you need a suit or business polo shirts or will you be given branded company clothing? Find out beforehand so you look like one of the team from day one. 

Impress with HOW You Work

You’ve got the outfit and the attitude, now let’s talk about your actual work activities. If you can implement the following in your day-to-day activities, your boss will quickly learn to trust you:

  • When you do something wrong, rather than trying to make excuses, own up to your mistake. This sparks trust because your boss knows you won’t hide future errors that could harm the company.
  • While your boss gets used to your work methods, update him or her often about a project’s progress, even if they don’t request it. Get regular feedback so your boss has peace of mind and you stay on the right track. 
  • You’ll come across problems but don’t only complain. Always mention them along with how you see it can be resolved. You’ll be seen as a problem solver instead of a nagging employee.


Do you need a new wardrobe? Or new body language habits? The first days at your new job can launch your impressive career if you get this right.