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7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

When it is summertime, we usually spend our time sunbathing on the beach, traveling to places and going out with our friends. However, during uneasy times like these, we are forced to stay inside our homes. We try to fulfill our time by watching movies, experimenting in the kitchen, or just lying around in our backyard. But we often get bored doing the same thing all over again. So, in order to help you liven up your time at home, we are giving you seven home projects that you can start so you can feel productive this summer. And some don’t even require spending money!

Project 1: Sort out your wardrobe

Let’s be honest, sorting out the wardrobe can be stressful sometimes. One thing that you can do to help you with the organization of the wardrobe is to first start by making different piles, such as “Sell”, “Keep” or “Toss”. Then, you can organize the ones that you are going to keep by color, category or season. Also, don’t forget your shoes. You can write on each shoebox what’s inside so it will be easier for you to look for whichever shoes you need when the time comes.

 7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

Project 2: Paint your walls

When you start a new project, it really comes in handy when you know how much a particular job is going to cost when it is done by professionals. You can find such information on websites like YourJobCost where you can find out about the estimated job costs including materials and labor. However, you can always do the job on your own, therefore, you will need to be well prepared from having the best tools for protecting your belongings. In order to feel like a professional painter, you will need good brushes, roller covers, and tape. Then, decide on the colors you are going to use. Also, don’t forget to protect your furniture by putting drop cloths and plastic sheeting before you paint away.

Project 3: Start a garden

Plant as much as possible in your garden. If you have an unused space in your garden, such as corners, you can plant a fruit tree and decorate it with ornaments. Also, if you have boards in the storehouse you can turn them into art. You can make a plant stand to show off a collection of plants, or hang a basket of Boston fern plants and String of Nickels. They will all look beautiful and add to the greenery and liveliness of your garden.

 7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

Project 4: Upgrade the backyard

As part of the garden, there is the backyard which is probably the only place in the house where we spend most of our days in summer. There are a few things you can do to give your backyard a fresher look. If it doesn’t have a pathway, create one by putting stones and sand. Add garden lights on the side of the pathway to show your beautiful plants. Also, you can rearrange the patio furniture and build a fire pit table in the middle to keep you warm during chilly nights.

Project 5: Build an outdoor pool

Since we are unable to travel at the moment, building an outdoor pool will help us feel those summery vibes. This way you will be saving up a lot of money and at the same time bringing the beach to you. Also, you will be getting more time with your family and friends. Whether it is going to be just a casual swim day or a pool party bash with your friends, it will certainly make your summer days feel a million times better.

 7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

Project 6: DYI artwork

When spending a lot of money on art isn’t an option for you, why not make your own piece of art to display on the wall? If you are really good at drawing, then all you need is a canvas and some watercolors. Or if you aren’t, you can be very creative by getting a vintage rug and hanging it on the wall. It will definitely be interesting to show it off to your guests. If you can’t decide on what to do, check out other artwork inspirations on the Internet.  

Project 7: Clean out the garage

When cleaning out the garage, you might want to start by throwing away all the things that you aren’t using. After that, continue by cleaning the ceiling using a broom to clear any cobwebs and sweep the floor. In order to organize your garage, you can install shelving because besides making your garage look clearer, it will free up the floor space. You can mount hooks to hang up any sports equipment and tools. The key to organizing the garage is to put the long-term storage items in the back and the ones that you use more often in the front.

 7 Home Projects You Can Start To Help You Feel Productive This Summer

Wrapping up

The best way to be productive during this lockdown period is to engage in various DYI home projects that are certainly going to be self-rewarding and some might even be cost-effective. This free time we have right now gives us many opportunities to do something around the house that we never got the chance to. There are home projects that won’t cost you a lot of money or are even free of charge. All you need to do is be creative and find meaningful ways to spend your long days at home.