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7 Kitchen Renovation Styles for Your Home

Kitchen with central island in terracotta color

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of your home and it is still often overlooked compared to bedrooms and living areas. Your kitchen is a functional space and has a big impact on your mood. There are proven and well-established styles that can help add a new life to your kitchen space. Here are 7 styles that you should consider when working on your kitchen renovation.

1. Modern Style

As the name suggests, there is a great emphasis on bringing the latest technology elements into your kitchen. These elements are then paired with optimum style and sleek furnishings. This includes:

  • Appliances in stainless steel finishes
  • Smaller items including toasters and kettle
  • The colour palette is simple and there is no room for anything bright

Make sure to keep the space free of any form of clutter. Modern lines are simple and straightforward with a touch of sophistication.

2. French Style

When it comes to style, the French have long been known for their novel concepts. Bring elements of French style into your new kitchen with the following ideas:

  • Add rich colours including russet and ochre and contrast them against warm creams
  • Add some beautiful candlesticks
  • Hang pots from the ceiling
  • Replace your light bulbs with warm yellows

3. Contemporary Style

This style combines the innovative and tech elements of the modern style and blends them with the attractive and inviting elements of a traditional and cosy kitchen. This is the perfect style to implement in your kitchen if you want to create an inviting environment for your guests while using the latest in technology. When it comes to the colours it is recommended to select warm shades and pair them with timber furniture.

 U-shaped kitchen with yellow cabinets

4. Country Home Style

Speaking of more traditional design elements for Kitchen Renovation Sydney, the country farmhouse look can be perfect for creating a welcoming open space for your guests. This style stands out for its ‘lived-in’ looks. The key elements here include:

  • Wood cabinets and furnishings
  • Natural timber
  • Lighter shades of blue, yellow, and cream

5. Cottage Charm Style

This style can be followed to create a kitchen space with a warm and cosy feeling. If you have an older or smaller kitchen, it is highly recommended to embrace the cottage charm style. The concept gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of bright colours, but this can create a mess without proper planning. So, it is best to follow a more general colour palette.

6. Beachy Style

If you love the ocean and coastal houses that border it, this can be a great style option for your Kitchen Renovation. It requires whitewashed wood along with a touch of blue-green across the décor. Consider adding somewhat worn-looking furnishings. 

7. Minimalistic Style

This is a Modern Kitchens Sydney style taken to the extreme. It can be perfect for you if you don’t want to see clutter anywhere around. It is great for small kitchens, but nothing stops you from embracing a minimalistic style in a larger kitchen. The elements here include:

  • Black & white tones
  • Steel appliances with polished silver finish
  • Sleek and simple look and finish

It is recommended to keep everything out of sight that is not required every day.

So, a kitchen renovation job doesn’t have to be too complex. You can choose one of the styles from above to create a space that is closer to your personality and liking.