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8 Ways to Reinvent the Classic Denim Look

8 Ways to Reinvent the Classic Denim Look

cottonbro from Pexels

Ever since its birth in the coal mines of America, denim has been a staple in closets the world over. Denim’s versatility, durability, and practicality have allowed it to transcend beyonds its origins as mere jeans. From jackets to shirts and even overalls and leggings, we all own at least one denim piece. And with the variety that denim offers, the number of ways to wear it is also endless.

Denim has seen action in groceries and gala nights alike, so adding a new spin to your old, blue jeans may be difficult but not impossible. So if you are tired of the same jeggings and t-shirt combo, don’t worry. Below, we’ve gathered the best ways to reinvent the classic denim look. Don’t be afraid when buying denim leggings because, with these tips, you’ll be looking your freshest and best. 

Styling Pants and Jeggings

Denim’s most familiar form comes in pants and, its newer cousin, denim leggings. Also known as jeggings, these bottoms offer the same toughness of jeans but, with a little added stretch, is perfect for the mover and shaker that you are which many of you can also make at home from these awesome Denim sewing machines. But whether your jeans are bootlegs, skinnies, or jeggings, chances are you’ve run out of options to spin your denim. Here are some looks that you’ve probably never considered.

Dressing up your old, reliable pair of jeans isn’t as hard as you think. Pair them with something like a tunic top or even a dress for that Boho look. Accentuate the look with some accessories like a nice pair of shoes, and you’ll be sporting that stylish casual look in the best way possible. This look is perfect to meet up with the girls for a few drinks or to run some errands in the most stylish way possible.

Not Just Your Boyfriend’s

Boyfriend shirts and jeans are a match made in fashion heaven. Pair your classic jeans with a loose-fitting top and you will look cool without really trying. Complete that “too cool for school” vibe with a French tuck and some accessories like earrings or shades. Or better yet, show off a little skin and tie your shirt along the midriff. Don’t worry if you’re not too keen on your midsection as this can also work for midriff skirts.  

 8 Ways to Reinvent the Classic Denim Look

On Denim Skirts

Denim skirts also offer a variety of options, thanks in part to the many lengths, patterns, and colors they come in. While seemingly casual, denim skirts can easily be upscaled by playing around with the aesthetics they come with. If you have a longer denim skirt with an asymmetrical hemline, highlight it by putting on a large coat or jacket and you’ll look like you just stepped off a runway.

For shorter denim skirts, pair them with a dressier top such as a buttoned-down shirt. Tuck or untucked, this will elevate the denim skirt you have on by giving you an air of sophistication you’ve never had in denim skirts before. 

Pastel-colored tops also work with denim skirts, especially if they come in a darker shade. Adding color to your outfit will not only prevent you from going into a Goth phase, but also brighten up any room you’re in.

Styling Denim Tops

Denim’s use extends to more than just pants and leggings. Because denim is such a durable and agile fabric, shirts and tops have also increased in popularity. It’s more likely than not that you even have a denim shirt or two in your closet. But if you don’t feel confident enough in pulling them off, here are some suggestions that can help your jean jeopardy. 

Pair your denim with something from the completely opposite of the fashion spectrum like tulle or pencil skirts. By pairing the ruggedness of your denim skirt with the chicness that fabrics like tulle offer, you can get your outfit to meet in the comfortable middle of simple yet sophisticated. Throw on some heels and accessories and paint the town red.

Denim shirts can also work great as cover layers for classier outfits such as slacks and blouses. Combining these opposites can ground your look, giving your casual Fridays at work a new flavor. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with bold patterns. Believe it or not, denim plays well with bolder patterns like floral and animal prints. Denim’s plainness helps minimize these loud colors, drawing attention away from them and onto your look. Pair your denim shirts with that floral skirt you’ve been saving for the summer and feel as fresh as a daisy wherever you go.

 8 Ways to Reinvent the Classic Denim Look

The Canadian Tuxedo

Doubling down on denim isn’t a bad choice either. Canada’s national outfit, the Canadian tuxedo, has grown in popularity in the past few years, and it’s become more acceptable to wear a denim shirt with pants. You can experiment by wearing denim of the same shade or even try going the daring route and putting on denim of contrasting shades. You can put on a lighter denim top with darker denim pants or vice versa. Just be sure to break up your look with some accessories. Leather belts work best as they allow the denim to be highlighted. Try your denim ensemble with a leather belt, a leather bag, or even some shades. 

Customizing Denim 

If you want to take your denim style up a notch, then why not treat your denim differently? Customized denim is a popular segment, with people shelling out top dollar from global brands like Guess and Levi’s. But why put your wallet through so much stress when you can distress your denim yourself? A pair of scissors and an artistic eye can help you recreate that torn look that is popular with rockstars and celebrities. Experiment with the frayed patterns, especially in the knees of your pant legs. You can even go crazy with the scissors and turn your pants into shorts, making it perfect for summer. Your legs will thank you later.

Dyeing and bleaching are the next levels when it comes to customization. Bleaching plain blue jeans will give you a lighter wash, similar to pale or white denim and dyeing will provide that acid-washed look. Feel free to experiment with how much or how little you want your denim’s color to change but exercising caution in this process is very important. Once you’ve changed or lightened your denim’s color, you won’t be able to turn it back. 

Patchwork Personality

Patches are also a popular customization option too. Patches are the least invasive of the customization options as they only involve sewing on patches to your denim clothes. Patches are limitless in design and can help you show off your personality. Do you have a favorite TV show, restaurant, or cartoon character? There’s a patch for that. What’s more, you can always add, remove, and replace the patches on your clothes with simple sewing and some ironing. 

Denim’s roughness is one of the great things about the fabric. Don’t shy away from it and use it to tone down dressier looks for more casual occasions. Jeans are all about experimentation and expression, so consider these tips as more of a guideline for how to dress in denim. With a few tweaks, you shouldn’t be surprised if the paparazzi starts following you.