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A Closer Look at the Trefecta Electric Bike

Trefecta Mobility

Featuring a futuristic design aesthetic, Trefecta is set to become the best E-bike on the market. Equipped with a 4kw engine fuelled by a 60-volt smart battery pack, the e-bike has a range of 100 kilometres on varied terrain and is recharged within 3 hours. The pedelec system measures the force you put into it and the electric motor helps you accordingly, reaching speeds up to 70 km/h. The integrated 14 speed electrically shifting gearbox gives the rider full control for a natural ride. It has active suspension controlled through your handlebars to soften or harden the ride on demand.


The Trefects is a true hybrid, with the human torque dominant smesh gearbox system at low speeds, and the use of motor power to comfortably reach high speeds. A regenerative brake system charges your battery when braking or going downhill. The integrated display gives you all the information you need whilst the iPod adds extra features like sensitivity of throttle, navigation and additional system info. The Trefecta features also 6 spoke carbon fibre wheels that can hold load up to 150 kg and folds up into a flight case that fits easily in the back of a car.

Trefecta is available in two versions; – off roader ’DRT’ and ‘URB’ for urban use. Check out the Trefecta Electric Bike in the video below and head over to Trefecta Mobility’s site for more details.

a-closer-look-at-the-trefecta-electric-bike-2 a-closer-look-at-the-trefecta-electric-bike-4a-closer-look-at-the-trefecta-electric-bike-5all images and video courtesy of Trefecta Mobility