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A Complete Guide to Garden Redesign

A Complete Guide to Garden Redesign

Derek Swalwell / Austin Maynard Architects

Architects and homeowners often focus the majority of their efforts on the physical aspect of a property, and rightly so because it’s the main attraction so to speak, but just as much attention should be focused on the space surrounding a property. The first thing people will see is the building itself, swiftly followed by the space immediately in front of it, and that means the garden needs to be factored into the building design. 

Redesigning a garden isn’t easy, although it’s arguably easier than designing a house. There are lots of factors that need to be considered in order to create a workable space that looks good and functions better. 

Why is Garden Design Important?

As mentioned, after the immediate building itself, your front outdoor space will be the next thing people lay eyes on and will contribute immensely to the first impression your property gives. Creating a garden design that reflects the property is important to tie the entire property together and give it a complete and finished look. 

 A Complete Guide to Garden Redesign

How to Approach Garden Redesign

There is no right or wrong way to approach redesigning a garden, but there are certain things you will need to factor in. First of all, you need to consider the budget you have. You can then decide whether you’ll be undertaking some of the work yourself or if you have enough money to hire professional services. 

You will then need to think about the non-negotiable elements of your garden. These should consist of must haves. For example, if you’re overhauling the front garden of your property, you will want to think about if you need car parking, as well as a clear route into the house. If you have pets and you’re redesigning your back garden, you’ll need ample space for them to exercise and do their business, as you will with children. 

When you’ve figured out your budget and your non-negotiables, you can then finally think about the theme of your outdoor space. Do you want a tranquil Japanese theme, or do you want a minimalistic approach that combines contemporary design with easy maintenance? It’s important to establish a theme before you begin the process and this will ensure concise direction and minimal disruption. 

 A Complete Guide to Garden Redesign

Garden Redesign Considerations

Unfortunately, not everything you want will be attainable, and sometimes that could be because of certain permissions. If you’re looking to build a large structure in your garden, you might have to contact district authorities or neighborhood officers to see if you can build the structure legally. You will need to consider things like this well in advance of your garden redesign project because the planning process can be lengthy. 

In addition to permissions, you will also need to consider if your available space can accommodate your plans, and if your garden is fit for the options you’re choosing. Weather and wind will need to be a consideration e.g. if you want a central firepit but your outdoor space is particularly windy and won’t be suitable. 

You will also want to give some thought to the timescale of the project. If you’re redesigning an established garden that is overgrown or that requires a total clear out, it will likely take longer than if you were to start with a blank canvas in the form of new build garden ideas which can often get underway immediately. This is more of a consideration if you intend on undertaking the work yourself. 


If you’re in doubt about redesigning your garden space, you might want to think about hiring the services of a professional as they can make the process easier and smoother.