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A Guide to Buy the Best Sectional Sofa for your Las Vegas Home

A Guide to Buy the Best Sectional Sofa for your Las Vegas Home

You are in your 1-bedroom, 890 square feet apartment, the average rental home size you will find in Las Vegas. You switch on your TV to watch your favourite American football team of UNLV, Runnin’ Rebels, play a thrilling match. And just when you and your pals settle down on your sectional sofa, it cracks wide open.

Though Sin City is known for casinos, purchasing quality furniture for your home is no gamble. Particularly, when it’s about a huge investment like a sectional sofa, the Swiss Army knife of seating, finding the best furniture store in Las Vegas, becomes an utmost priority. While sectionals take up more floor space, they allow comfortable lounging for your entire family. Here are a few top tips for buying a sectional sofa best suited for your Las Vegas home.

Measure Your Available Space

A 2018 report shows that Las Vegas ranks 6th among the top 15 American cities with the largest average homes, with a median size of about 1,800 square feet.

Whether it’s a studio apartment or a 31,000 square foot residence in the upscale Summerlin community, it helps to know the space you have in your living space.

Once you measure the area available to work, you will have a fair idea about the room for your sectional sofa. Experts would suggest having enough space around the sectional for traffic lanes and other furniture accessories.

Pick the Right Shape

Pueblo is one of the top home styles in Las Vegas, presenting sleek, angular structures that can fit a large family. The architecture incorporates a central common area with the rest of the home designed around it.

Sectional sofas are a perfect fit for such home styles. A top furniture store in Las Vegas, will typically present L-shaped, U-shaped, chaise and curved sectionals; you could fit into a corner or float in the middle of your open space.

You will also find the trending modular sectionals quite useful for your Las Vega home; you can connect them to form designs you will most enjoy.

 A Guide to Buy the Best Sectional Sofa for your Las Vegas Home

Choose a Suitable Material

Over 65% of total households in Las Vegas are families, out of which 32% are with children under 18 years.

Knowing how you plan to use your sectional sofa will help you decide the best suitable material. You would need a more durable material if you have kids or intend to use the couch daily.

Also, your maintenance capacity is another crucial factor to decide the upholstery. Leather is the current trend in Las Vegas, but it requires different maintenance than other materials like velvet and microfibers. A classic and vintage interior look will look great with a matching leather Chesterfield suite. Depending on the room’s design, you can certainly find a leather piece suited for the space.

Find the Right Orientation

Spanish home style has a significant influence on Las Vegas homes, giving them an old country charm. A major attraction to this home type is the wrought-iron balconies, evoking warm comfort with a Spanish flair.

Depending on the view you wish to enjoy from your sitting area and other amenities you need easy access to, you can decide which is best, left or right facing sectional.

When you purchase the right piece from a branded dealer, you can ensure a cohesive orientation, preserving your home décor.

Consider Your Home Décor 

Top Las Vegas interior designers recommend using multiple small tables and accessories such as lamps to play up the metallic element or soften it. Such decorative pieces bring versatility to your living space, a trend that is here to stay.

Your sectional sofa will be the centrepiece for your entertainment area; go for a piece that matches your interior décor base colour. In contrast, choosing a sectional that accents your space is also an excellent way to spice up your home tone.

 A Guide to Buy the Best Sectional Sofa for your Las Vegas Home

Visualize the Sectional in Your Home

From views of the majestic Latter-Day Saints Temple on Bonanza Road to natural elements of a Mediterranean home style, Las Vegas has it all.

You can make the best of the city’s offerings from your sitting area, provided you have the right sectional in place. When you go shopping, try visualizing the piece in your living space; if required, take a photo along; it will help you choose the right sofa.

Check Out the Online Pricing

Las Vegas has a higher cost of living index, at 111.6, and finding the right sectional sofa, can turn into a pricey affair.

Once you know what kind of sectional you require, decide on a budget.  To achieve a great ROI, you can compare the online prices reputable dealers offer

Summing Up

Leading furniture stores, presenting their latest offerings at the Las Vegas Market show, suggest increasing sectional sofa sales, typically during the Super Bowl season.

Understand your usage, fix your budget, decide the best purchase schedule and engage the right furniture store in Las Vegas. Rest assured, you will own a sectional sofa that accentuates your Las Vegas home appeal, leaving everyone awestruck.