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A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: The Healthiest Home Building Materials

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: The Healthiest Home Building Materials

Are you renovating your current home or building a new one? If so, you’re probably spending some time thinking about what home building materials you want to use.  When choosing home building materials, you obviously want to think about your style and the desired aesthetic of your home. However, it’s also important to keep your health in mind. 

The truth is, some home building materials are a lot healthier than others. Which ones are the healthiest? Check out this guide to learn about the healthiest home building materials.

 Some home building materials are a lot healthier than others

1. Bamboo 

Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material for building homes. There any many power tools by which you can these bamboos to make sure home. You can find these power tools at sawadvisor.com.

In addition to home building, bamboo is also used for building roads, making clothes and accessories, feeding people and animals, and building weapons and instruments. And, it’s even used for medicinal purposes. 

Bamboo is a healthy building material because it’s extremely eco-friendly. It’s also extremely durable, and many people find that it makes a great material for walls and flooring. And, unlike pine or cedar, which can take years to regrow, bamboo can be reforested very quickly. However, bamboo is susceptible to mould growth. If you suspect your bamboo has mould, be sure to call a mould removal service, as your health will improve with mould removal

2. Paperless Drywall 

While drywall is a very useful material, most drywall is subject to mould, which can lead to respiratory disease. Luckily, there’s a new type of drywall out there, known as paperless drywall, that isn’t as susceptible to mould growth. 

 A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: The Healthiest Home Building Materials

Most drywall is subject to mould

3.  Solid Wood 

While many people love the idea of wood cabinets or doors, the price tag for solid wood often comes as a surprise. This is why many people opt for fake wood, as it provides the same aesthetic value but comes at a cheaper price. 

However, when you purchase fake wood, you’re also compromising your health. This is because fake wood has higher levels of formaldehyde in it. This can damage the air quality of your home and even lead to respiratory diseases. So, to improve your health, make sure you stick to real wood. 

4. Sheep’s Wool

If you’re looking for a healthy material to insulate your home with, sheep’s wool is the answer. It’s extremely energy efficient and is great for insulating ceilings, walls, and attics. Just like bamboo, sheep’s wool can be regrown rather quickly. After sheering, sheep automatically regrow a fresh coat of wool. 

And, if you’re worried about cruelty to animals, you’ll be happy to know that sheering sheep is actually a healthy and hygienic practice. This is because if a sheep’s wool is too thick, they can become overheated and even die. And, feces, urine, and other materials can easily get trapped in a thick coat of wool, which can attract maggots, flies, and other pests. This can lead to irritation, infection, and general discomfort for the sheep. Plus, sheep with large amounts of wool can become immobilized and are more susceptible to predatory attacks. 

 A Healthy Home is a Happy Home: The Healthiest Home Building Materials

5. Butcher Block for Countertops 

If you’re shopping for a new countertop material, we suggest thinking twice before buying plastic laminate countertops that require adhesives. This is because the adhesive can emit chemicals that lower the air quality in your home. Instead, we suggest buying butcher block for your countertops, as this material does not come with any harmful adhesives. 

As you can see, there are a lot of healthy building materials to choose from. If you have any questions about any of these building materials, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, enjoy building a healthy home.