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A Simple Guide on How to Design a Challenge Coin

Membership, service, and contribution are all things to be recognized and remembered.  The design of a challenge coin is a commemorative act. These items are full of symbolism and honor. Although, despite being of such value, many people still do not know what these coins are.

Delve into the meaning and the process of creating these historic items.

What Is a Challenge Coin?

Custom design coins used to mark membership within an organization. They are also used to mark the anniversary of special events. The design differs from group to group.

Most commonly these coins are marked for military and law enforcement. They act as proof of membership and an icon to improve morale or a high-grade ID card.

Identifying the Goal

There are a large number of reasons to create a challenge coin, even down to simple variations of a similar goal or landmark. Before deciding on media aspects of the coin it is important to identify both the intended message as well as the intended audience.

This decision can change everything from design. There is a wide range of appropriate events and no one size fits all.

Because there are different coins for each military branch or organization it is important to define your involvement from the start.

After answering those questions, you need to start on the essential planning process. This begins with sketching out the coin as you see it. Then you transform these sketches into a real design with purchased materials.

How will you apply simple design elements? What will you use for accents to draw focus to the individual and the organization? What will make it stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Be sure to personalize the design! Do not make general statements, instead refer to the direct market these will you will give these out in. Even a figurative gesture makes a huge difference.

The Importance of Quality Artwork

Making the choice to work with vector images will streamline your entire workflow. Vector images allow for resizing and scaling without the loss of quality.

Because of this flexibility, you can resize and redesign the coin with ease. This assures you that any resizing will not leave you with low quality, pixelated image as a reference.

Make sure that the colors chosen have appropriate plating options that work together. Picking the proper plating can have a marked impact on the accent design as well as the lettering.

Stepping Up To The Challenge

With these steps, the design of a challenge coin will come with ease. The impact and memory can take center stage.

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