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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become an Architect

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become an Architect

Are you ready to start your career as an architect?

Great choice!

The median salary for an Architect is $79,380 per year. If you are ready to begin this journey then you are probably wondering how to get started.

If this is the case, then read on, you are about to find out how to become an architect.

1. The Basics

You can get an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s degree and even a doctoral degree in architecture. The level of qualification you attain will determine what you can do in the field.

For example, many architects prefer to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree before launching their careers.

However, the idea of spending all that time in school without earning any money may not appeal to you. If this is the case you can get entry-level positions with an associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. In these positions, you can assist in the design and even renovations of commercial buildings and new houses.

2. High School Matters

If you decide to become an Architect later in life that is perfectly fine but if you are in high school and thinking about becoming an architect you should start preparing. You can do this by paying attention during subjects such as physics, algebra, pre-calculus, and geometry.

Computers are often used these days to aide design so make sure you become knowledgeable about these programs and other design software that can help you later on.

3. Get Your Degrees

It is best to ensure that you at least earn a bachelor’s degree before starting out. However, as mentioned earlier this only prepares you for entry-level jobs. If you want to get licensed to practice architecture you will need to earn a masters degree.

The best way to make the training shorter is to enroll in a school that offers a five year combined bachelors and masters degree programme.

If you don’t choose this option and earn a four-year degree in architecture you will have to study for two additional years to get your master’s degree. 

4. Complete an Internship

You are not automatically licensed once you get your master’s degree in architecture. You must complete an internship under the supervision of an architect that’s already licensed.

Once your internship is complete like other aspiring architects you will need to take a licensing exam. Once you pass, you will be able to launch out on your own and begin your career.

Final Thoughts on How to Become an Architect

Now you know how to become an architect, you probably realize that it will require a lot of dedication to succeed. The good news is that others have done it before and you can too.

Just be sure that it is what you really want and decide on the educational path that is truly right for you. You can choose if you want to do a few entry-level positions before moving on to your master’s degree or you may decide to study until you finish your master’s, the choice is yours.

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