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Absolut Atelier Stockholm by Form Us With Love

Atelier is the brand home and Academy of Absolut Vodka in Stockholm. By aiming for a scenographic atmosphere, both by aesthetic and function, local design studio Form Us With Love has created a modular interior solution for Absolut Atelier. The amphitheater shares the traits of a theatrical set, adjustable to fit the needs for any workshop or demonstration. “With a strong reference to the historical ‘debate circle’, we created a versatile combination of stairs and seating. Carefully chosen materials and colours were crafted into a rigid piece of furniture, durable enough to stand the test of any Absolute Atelier event”, says Form Us With Love.

 2-absolut-atelier-stockholm-by-form-us-with-love 3-absolut-atelier-stockholm-by-form-us-with-love 4-absolut-atelier-stockholm-by-form-us-with-love 5-absolut-atelier-stockholm-by-form-us-with-love

all images courtesy of FORM US WITH LOVE