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Alcantara-Wood by nendo

Akihiro Yoshida

Janapese studio nendo has realized the alcantara-wood, a new material made up with layers of the Italian synthetic chamois. By using this new material, nendo has realized a collection of furniture which are on display at project exhibition “Alcantara, Technology of Dreams”, held at the Royal Palace of Milan, in conjunction with the EXPO Milano 2015.


Presided over by Italian material manufacturer Alcantara, the pieces have been selected for their resistance ‘to fraying around the edges even when cut apart from the whole’, much like the trademark material to which the company lends its name. Alcantara of various colours have been layered and rolled up to create a kind of ‘log’, and then cut into slices of lumber to create the effect of ‘Alcantara tree-rings’. This material can be used for flooring or furniture finishes, bringing out a whole new expressive dimension to Alcantara.

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all images © Akihiro Yoshida