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Antique Mirror in a Modern Interior: Ideas and Tips

Antique mirror with wooden frame in bedroom

Cottonbro from Pexels

At all times, antiques were bought by people who know how to invest money and have a sense of style. But in the XXI century, the approach to interior design has changed dramatically: now minimalistic furnishings, strict, clear lines, simple, natural colors are in fashion. How will a luxurious antique mirror look in such an environment and will it spoil the overall impression?

Features of Large Antique Mirrors

The main feature of most antique mirrors is the rich decoration. However, the design of the frame depends on the era of manufacture. For example, at the beginning of the XVIII century, the Baroque style was popular — massive stucco with gilding, magnificent, slightly pretentious patterns, splendor of forms combined with strict symmetry. Closer to the 50s, rococo appears, which is characterized by an abundance of curves, natural ornaments, asymmetry, attention to detail, lightness and elegance.

At the beginning of the XIX century, the rich decor was gradually diluted with noble and refined ornaments. More attention is paid to the wood texture, focusing on the naturalness of the product, simplicity and functionality prevail in the decoration. In the XX century, modernism wins with its restraint in colors and decor.

Antique mirrors are in extremely high demand not only because of their valuable history. They have many other excellent advantages like thick cast glass, clear reflection and unusual, attractive decor.

The size of the product can be very different, from small antique wall mirrors to antique standing mirrors. As for the shape, even today square and rectangular options with smooth and clear frames are preferred for private offices, and for bathrooms and bedrooms it is customary to buy oval, round, “streamlined” mirrors.

 Antique gold baroque framed mirror in bedroom

Antique Floor Mirror in a Modern Interior

Antique floor mirrors, as in the old days, can still transform a home or office space:

  • visually expand the room — with their help, you can skillfully hide all the shortcomings of the room;
  • add a little bit lighting — a durable, thick mirror surface will reflect natural light well and can make the darkest housing light;
  • add sophistication and lightness or luxury and splendor to any interior — depending on the chosen style.

Placement Rules: How to Make Antique Gold Mirror Look Organic

You can not just take an antique full length mirror into a modern house and put/hang it in a place you like. There are certain rules for the placement of antiques, which experts suggest following.

There is one critical rule that mirrors in two different styles are not placed in the same room. If there is already a magnificent gilded product of the Baroque era, there should be no minimalistic options in a conventional frame in the room.

Antiques themselves are considered valuable and unique jewelry. Therefore, you should not clutter up your personal office with a bronze clock, a dozen porcelain figurines, install a huge chandelier on the ceiling and, to top it off, or establish antique mirror walls. Ideally, there should not be more than two, maximum four antique items in the room at once.

At the same time, a pair of antique items looks more profitable than a single one, especially if there are entirely modern design solutions around.

The combination of complex and simple looks unusual and harmonious. Richly decorated with floral ornaments and flower garlands, the French mirror will be an exquisite addition to the minimalist design of a modern bathroom or bedroom.

Be sure to pay special attention to the size. Huge, massive floor mirrors will need an appropriate environment while small, spectacular Venetian products will look good in a concise, not overloaded interior. Several interesting details in different parts of the room always look better than one in the center.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Before buying, decide on the style of your own interior, think about which item will fit into it best. The carefully chosen original antique mirrors will certainly emphasize the good taste of the owner of the house.