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Aposematic Jacket by Shinseungback Kimyonghun

The Aposematic Jacket by Seoul design studio Shinseungback Kimyonghun is an unusual fashion blazer covered with camera lenses that can record assailants and send the images to the web.  Aposematic Jacket is a wearable camera for self-defense. The lenses on the jacket give off the warning signal, “I can record you”, to prevent possible attack. When the wearer pushes a button under threat, the jacket records the scene in 360 degrees and sends the images to the Web.


2-aposematic-jacket-by-shinseungback-kimyonghun 3-aposematic-jacket-by-shinseungback-kimyonghun 4-aposematic-jacket-by-shinseungback-kimyonghun 5-aposematic-jacket-by-shinseungback-kimyonghun

all images and video courtesy of SHINSEUNGBACK KIMYONGHUN