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Architecture Animée Gif series by Axel de Stampa


French architect Axel de Stampa has turned buildings by SANAA, MVRDV, UNStudio, MAD and more in to a series of animated gifs called ‘Architecture Animée‘. “Architecture Animée looks into the concept of motion in architecture,” said De Stampa. By using gif format, buildings come alive and reveal their true natures.”

“Motion in architecture is mainly associated to the fourth dimension: Time,” explained De Stampa. “Time, through the body, experiences the building.” “In Architecture Animée, I have developed a different approach. While the visitor doesn’t move, the building offers different perceptions, comes alive and reveals additional evidence, he said. see the whole series here.

 Emerson-College-Los-Angeles-by-Morphosis-photo-Iwan-Baan-by-Axel-de-Stampa Mirador-Building-by-MVRDV-and-Blanca-Lleo-photo-Luis-Garcia-by-Axel-de-Stampa Zollverein-School-by-Sanaa-photo-unknown-by-Axel-de-Stampa Theatre-Agora-by-UNStudio-photo-Christian-Richters-gif-Axel-de-Stampa750

all images courtesy of AXEL DE STAMPA