Your exterior will provide a first impression of your home. If it looks messy and unkempt, you can guarantee people will think the same of your interior. That’s why it’s so important to care for your outdoor space. Find out how to transform the exterior of your home. 

Sometimes change can be easy and something as simple as changing color can bring life back into the surroundings. For example, painting your home exterior can not only brighten your own house but the neighborhood as well. This can be a welcomed change for you and for your neighbors alike.

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Paint Your Property

A fresh coat of paint could be all it takes to improve your property’s appearance. If your home is looking a little tired and outdated, consider turning to the experts who can help you pick the best color for your exterior before professionally painting your property. Visit ATH Decorating to create a property that will become the envy of your neighborhood.

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Clean Your Yard

Improve your home’s curb appeal by cleaning your yard. Mow and maintain a lawn to enjoy healthy, vibrant grass all year long that will welcome guests. Also, provide your exterior with a little love and attention by trimming your bushes and sweeping the driveway, which will allow you to enjoy a neat and tidy garden.

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Change Your Door

Complement your new paintwork by adding a new door to your property. After all, it is the focal point of your home, and the one thing guests will notice when they visit your address. So, look for a door that complements your property’s exterior design and your personality, which will make visitors feel happy to step inside your beautiful home.

Also, if many of the properties are uniform in style on your street, try to select a design that will complement the existing homes around you, so your address doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Add an Extension

Do you want to add more space to your home while changing its shape? Consider adding an extension with Arran Construction, which can transform your property’s aesthetics. You can choose to add a small alteration, such as a porch or bay window. Alternatively, you can install a large extension onto either the front, side or back of the property – but you must ensure it is in proportion toand complements your existing exterior design. You will also need planning permission before adding an extension to your home, otherwise you may have to deal with an unfinished project and an added eyesore.

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Landscape Your Garden

Landscaping your garden will make you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, while increasing your exterior’s curb appeal. Transform its appearance by hiring a talented landscaper to create a durable driveway, incorporate low-maintenance plants or shrubs, or to install artificial grass. You can find a guide on the different types and shades of artificial grass at

 How to Transform the Exterior of Your Home

Outdoor Lighting

Do you want to make your home appear a little more attractive at night? Add beautiful garden lighting to your front and back yards. For example, you could fit a wall light near your front door to shine a light on your stunning home. You can also create a romantic, cozy back garden by hanging fairy lights across your garden fence, arbor or gazebo.

Have you successfully transformed your exterior? Please feel free to share your stories and advice by writing a comment below.