As a homeowner, it is essential to conduct regular maintenance of your house to ensure that it will keep you safe and dry for a long time to come. One crucial part of your home that needs to be cleaned regularly — and that most people neglect — is your roof. 

Cleaning your roof, however, is not an easy task. It is a hazardous undertaking that can lead to injuries or even death if you don’t take the necessary precautions. It is wise to hire a local gutter cleaning team for this task. However, if you plan to do it yourself, please exercise extreme caution. 

Practical Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Roof

Have you noticed that your roof is already black due to dirt and other contaminants? If so, it is time to clean it. Here are some useful suggestions on how to clean your roof the right way:

  • Schedule your cleaning during a cold and cloudy day – Choose a cloudy day to clean your roof to maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning solution.
  • Protect your plants and outdoor furniture – Remove outdoor furniture from your work area. Cover your plants and yard with plastic to protect them from your cleaning solution.
  • Repair loose flashings and shingles before cleaning – Before cleaning, look for loose flashings and shingles and repair them. Also, clean your downspouts and gutters to drain the water quickly during the cleaning process.
  • Cut back the tree branches near your roof – Trim nearby trees to prevent twigs and leaves from getting to your roof.
  • Get rid of debris in your roof – Sweep your roof with a broom to remove all debris.
  • Spray your roof with water – Wet your roof with water to loosen the dirt and to keep your solution from drying out. 
  • Spray your cleaning solution – For your home-made solution, you can mix a quart of laundry bleach with a gallon of water. If you want to make it stronger, add ¼ cup of non-ammonia heavy cleaner like trisodium phosphate. You can also buy one of a number of environmentally-friendly roof cleaners that are available nowadays. Make sure to coat your entire roof with the solution and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. 
  • Wash your roof with water – Using a water sprayer or garden hose, rinse your roof to dislodge the moss and algae.
  • Observe safety – Wear a safety harness when working on your roof. To avoid a possible accident, you may hire the services of professional roof cleaners to clean your roof.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Roof Cleaning Services

For best results, seek the services of roof cleaning companies. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional roof cleaning service to clean your roof regularly:

  • Professional cleaners have the right chemicals and materials to clean your roof efficiently. Debris like sand, grime, grit, and mud are hard to clean. The professionals know what type of chemical can remove them.
  • They have the right training and skills to clean your roof correctly. They can also provide long-lasting solutions to your roof issues.
  • They know how to restore the color of your roofing tiles and shingles to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • They can quickly spot damaged areas needing immediate repair, as well as worn out shingles requiring replacement.
  • They will also clean your gutters to ensure the smooth flow of water.
  • They have the proper training and equipment to keep themselves safe during the cleaning process. 

The regular cleaning of your roof helps ensure its proper performance. You may also repaint it after your cleaning for better protection.