Zooco Estudio has recently designed ‘Casa Paco’, a light-filled duplex in Madrid that features a large transparent corner, offering vast views of the City’s skyline. “Our clients, father, and son were looking for a shared home, but with sufficient spatial independence from their private areas,” explains the studio. “A unique space with the possibility of fragmentation according to daily needs, which admits some kinds of family configurations that are far from the traditional stereotype.”

 Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio

From this, the design team generate an integrating space, which brings together all the common areas and enables some connexions of certain private areas. The layout of the house is simple: a duplex connected by a central void. On the ground floor are the common spaces such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. Upstairs we find the son’s apartment, an open space with common areas and a big terrace. The modeling and design of the spaces are done strictly through two unique materials, oak, and black marble. Zooco simplifies the aesthetic language of the house and proves the dignity of natural, raw materials, without anything artificial.

 Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio

This material duo, together with the white walls, glass, and mirrors, identifies and defines each space and element, from the large central island in the kitchen to the interiors of the different bathrooms and toilets. The common materiality of all the spaces, brings serenity and fluidity to the house, reinforcing the unique and integrating character of the project. To provide flexibility in the configuration of the spaces, architects designed a system of sliding gates along the entire upper floor. This system, while reconfiguring the spaces, brings warmth and nobility to the walls. This system appears as a leading element in the aesthetic discourse.

 Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio

As an element of communication between floors, the design team designed a flying staircase, as light as possible, to precisely enhance the fluidity between spaces and the integral perception of the home. All project elements, except for sanitary ware and taps, have been designed ad hoc, always from the premise of the common materiality of wood and stone.

  Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio Casa Paco, Madrid, ES / Zooco Estudio