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Are Infographics Effective for Any Type of Business?

Are Infographics Effective for Any Type of Business?

Infographics are effective for every type of business, size of company, and industry. Data visualization has the power to attract attention and win people over, whether you’re trying to reach shareholders for a quarterly earnings report or recruit donors to your cause. Get an idea of how flexible infographic design is by learning how different business types use them.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

B2C companies need to increase customer awareness about their products and convince people that their brand is the best option around. You see this in advertising for insurance companies and fast-food chains alike. Infographic design can be used as part of a B2C brand’s marketing mix.

For example, an illustrator might create a series of graphs and images that show how effective certain products are. Some B2C companies hire PR agencies to curate data and present it in a convincing manner. You can even see the value of infographics and visual design in brands that sell product packages to customers with graphs explaining why buying in bulk creates value.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B brands can benefit significantly from infographic design. These companies can take niche industry data and present complex information with clarity. Static infographics can go much farther in conveying data than a multi-chapter ebook with the key messaging buried in piles of data. B2B brands can present data in brochures and flyers in trade shows or digitally with social media promotions and SEO campaigns.

A great example of B2B data visualization is the partnership between Amazon Web Services and the NFL. NFL presenters share Amazon Next Gen Stats with animations and graphics highlighting how impressive certain plays are. These banners and icons show how valuable data can be in providing analytical insight for brands that want to invest in data storytelling.

 Are Infographics Effective for Any Type of Business?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS companies can offer B2C products (like Netflix of the Mint app) and B2B products (like Slack and Salesforce). Because they don’t have physical products, many SaaS brands use infographics and other graphic design techniques to promote their brands digitally.

Many SaaS brands focus on the awareness stage of the sales funnel. They want to reach as many people as possible and increase audience knowledge about what they do. This is why logo design is so important—the customer needs to remember the icon and know what the brand sells.

Infographic designers for SaaS brands often have years of experience aligning graphic design plans with business goals. They can create visuals with unique information and they know how to present the brand message as an ideal solution for customers.


Non-profit organizations can use infographics in a variety of ways. Internally, graphic design is an important part of creating slides for meetings with executives. Great presentation design can also win over big-ticket donors and sponsors who can keep the nonprofit afloat.

Infographics can also help non-profits reach large audiences in order to solicit hundreds of smaller donations (rather than just a few major ones). An infographic with the right design can convince audiences about the organization’s need for funds or highlight all of the impressive work it does.

These design solutions can also be used when applying for grants and other endowments to prove that the non-profit organization is the best recipient of the funds.

Illustrators with extensive experience in infographic design know how to create engaging visuals for any audience or brand. They can focus on clean logo design to boost brand awareness or devote their time to selecting typography and icons that will stand out in a social media timeline. Make sure you hire the best designer for the job, so your company can reach its goals with clean infographics.