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Arsenal Flat by h2o architectes, Paris

Stéphane Chalmeau

On the last floor of a Hausmanian building in Paris’ Arsenal district, h2o architectes transformed an ancient servant’s bedrooms into a open-plan loft apartment for a couple with two children.

The project is articulated around three connected and sequenced living spaces which are defined in function of uses, light and multiple views. Each one of these spaces is characterized by its solar orientation: East, West or South.


Each child has its own independent bedroom; the common living space is open and partitioned by elements of furniture which have all been designed so as to follow the sloping games of the roof-line, forming a landscape of “totems”. They include bookshelves and diverse storage spaces. A diagonal opening is thus drawn throughout the principal living room of which one forgets the rather tight initial dimensions.

This reading of the apartment is further enhanced by the use of white paint on wood or plaster for the principle surfaces underlined by wood (oak) along the floor and for the “totem” elements.

 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-3 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-4 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-5 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-6 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-7 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-8 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-9 arsenal-flat-by-h2o-architectes-paris-10

all images © Stéphane Chalmeau