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Audi 3D-Printed Auto Union Typ C


With a 3D printer, Audi‘s toolmaking branch has produced a model of the historical Grand Prix sports car “Auto Union Typ C” from the year 1936. The company is examining further possible applications of metal printers for the production of complex components. The first focus of the cooperation is the implementation of metallic 3D printing and 3D printing in the sand‑printing method.


Audi Toolmaking has now used metal printing to produce all the metallic parts of the Silver Arrow model “Auto Union Typ C” on a scale of 1:2. For this purpose, a selective-sintering laser melted layers of metallic powder with a grain size of 15 to 40 thousandths of a millimeter, roughly half of the diameter of a human hair.

The process therefore allows the production of components with complex geometries, which with conventional methods could either not be produced or only with great difficulties. Audi Toolmaking is currently using 3D printing to produce components out of aluminum and steel.


At present, this process can be used to produce shapes and objects with a length of 240 millimeters and a height of up to 200 millimeters. These printed components achieved a higher density than components made by die casting or hot forming.


all images courtesy of Audi