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Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen introduces the Beo Play H6 Rapha Edition designed in close collaboration with the British cycling brand. Conceived for use during warm-up and recovery, travel, and the turbo trainer sessions necessitated by competitive cycling, BeoPlay H6 Rapha Edition feature beautifully balanced acoustic performance with distinctive Rapha materials and styling.


“B&O PLAY is a keen supporter of cycling and they understand the demands of a road cyclist,” says Rapha’s Head of Brand, James Fairbank. “Music is a catalyst for focused performance and we are delighted to pair our mission to develop the best performing products for road cycling with a company that so truly believes in the love of form and expression.”


BeoPlay H6 with Rapha is designed for cyclists using signature Rapha materials. Ear pads are made from the same African hair sheep leather used in Rapha GT Gloves while the headband uses the same fabric found in Rapha’s PRO TEAM products. A durable audio jack on both earpieces offers cord placement on either side and allows daisy-chain functionality should two users wish to share the same content. An inline remote and microphone enables device control from the signature Rapha pink cord.

You can find the Rapha edition BeoPlay H6 headphones at Rapha Cycle Club stores and online at rapha.cc and beoplay.com for $429 USD.

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all images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen