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Beoplay A1 Portable Speaker by Cecilie Manz

Jeppe Soerensen

BeoPlay A1 is a new, ultra-portable bluetooth speaker designed by Cecilie Manz for Bang & Olufsen. With an integrated speakerphone and up to 24 hours of battery life,  the aluminum enclosure provides an easy and elegant expression.

As part of the design, there are no protruding buttons or legs to snag, and the surface of BeoPlay A1 is completely smooth and robust enough to handle the bumps and scrapes of everyday use. It comes with a soft leather strap inviting you to carry it everywhere, attach it to a rucksack on the go, or to hang it anywhere in your home.


“We wanted to make a portable speaker that people would not leave at home. The size and shape of the speaker invites you to pick it upand bring it with you as the most natural thing. The combination of premium materials, cool aluminium, soft polymer and the warm touch of leather makes it almost desirable to hold, says designer Cecilie Manz. “I like the fact that the rounded, circular shape very clearly indicates the sharing of sound while lying on the table.”

BeoPlay A1 is available in moss green and natural for $249 USD in B&O stores, on beoplay.com and in selected retailers.

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all images © Jeppe Soerensen