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Best Ways to Use Video in Web Design

Web Design team discusses a video project


Videos offer an excellent way to present products, services, or brands and educate and entertain website visitors. As a result, visually appealing videos have become increasingly popular in web design as they increase dwell time, improve rankings, boost conversions, and bump up engagement.

However, how and where you use your video in web design can significantly affect its effectiveness. But worry not, as this article will help you discover various ways to embed videos on your website for maximum impact.

Consider Video Testimonials

Testimonials provide unique or interesting details that are pretty helpful, especially if you’re selling a service. While you can capture testimonials in the form of text, using a video testimonial will help you elicit emotions better, thus creating a virtual connection with your prospective clients.

Besides helping you shine a light on what you offer, a video testimonial can be a more engaging and memorable option when creating sales content for your product or services.

The best places for video testimonials are often on your sales pages or as part of a call to action on landing pages for maximum results. You can also use them on your homepage to help showcase products better.

If you are unsure where to place your videos, these client testimonial examples can help you understand how to incorporate videos into your website.

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Use It as a Homepage Background Video

Many of us are used to seeing company websites or blog posts with static background images or promo images used to inform the audience of an upcoming event. In such a case, unfortunately, you can’t really include all the details about your product, service, or event, which leaves a lot of your visitors guessing.

The good news is that using a video as your homepage background is a much better option to showcase your products or services.

A video that explains products and services is much more beneficial in educating and informing your viewers about what you offer so they can identify the benefits to expect, determine if they are suitable for them, or understand how to address any drawbacks or frustrations.

Product and Service Page Videos

Videos offer a great way to provide more information about your products and services without making your page an overwhelming wall of text. They help in tailoring and highlighting your product or service so that your prospects or potential clients can more easily visualize and identify with it.

When using videos on product and service pages, you should go beyond simply explaining what you offer to include content that showcases how your product actually works and answer common questions the prospective clients may have.

In other words, you need to tell your target audience virtually everything about what your brand offers, including what features to expect, how they can use it, and even pricing. As a result, it will become a lot easier to closely match your prospects’ preferences, needs, or expectations, thus increasing sales.

Landing Page Videos

Landing pages offer an excellent way to boost conversions, whether you are trying to get people to download a piece of content, book a call with sales, or even buy your product. According to a study by Eye View Digital, including a video on your landing page can help attract more visitors to your website and increase conversions by 80 to 86%.

If you are looking to build hype and encourage the target audience to take the next step, promo videos are an excellent choice for your landing page. However, if you want to grab attention and make your call to action irresistible, personalized videos are what you need for your landing pages.