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Biophilia, Organically Shaped Cermaic Vessels by Stoft

Ulrika Kestere

Swedish design studio Stoft has created a range of organically shaped ceramic vessels, each symbolising a step in a plant’s growing process. Due to their decreasing width, each of the vessels can be stacked inside one another, creating multiple possible combinations. The four objects represents a different stage in a plant’s life – from seedpod to bloom – with the shapes taking reference from the forms of each.

“At a first glance the objects seem very ill-matched, perhaps like the seed before it blossoms or like a chestnut inside its shell, but at a closer view one can notice how the all have evolved from a common origin and form a unity,” said Stoft.


The chamotte stoneware bowl Capsula symbolises the protective seedpod from which everything begins. Embraced by the coarse stoneware the Petalis vase sprouts, a sheer porcelain vessel which has been allowed to blossom out like porcelain objects historically also have done. The vase then branches out forming the pitcher Truncus, which draws its inspiration from how the craftsmanship and mass production of ceramics today struggle in different directions. At the very top the small earthenware vase Spore is resting, waiting to take root elsewhere by also functioning as a small vase for seedlings.

The collection was made in partnership with Swedish ceramics manufacturer Zol Art, and was created for The New Map exhibition on display at the Form/Design Center in Malmö until 15 November 2015.

 biophilia-organically-shaped-cermaic-vessels-by-stoft-3 biophilia-organically-shaped-cermaic-vessels-by-stoft-4 biophilia-organically-shaped-cermaic-vessels-by-stoft-5 biophilia-organically-shaped-cermaic-vessels-by-stoft-6

all images © Ulrika Kestere