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Blaibach Concert Hall by Peter Haimerl


To revitalize the center of Blaibach, Germany, Munich-based Peter Haimerl Architektur has designed the town’s concert hall (Konzerthaus Blaibach) as a solitaire of concrete, which emerges from the ground with an inclined orientation. The monolithic tilted building opens itself to the visitors at the new village square and guides them by a staircase to the foyer below the surface. The foyer provides not only the functional areas like wardrobe, sanitary rooms and bar, but also leads the visitor excitingly around the auditorium into the inner concert hall.


The dominant tilted surfaces of the concert hall are based on acoustic specifications and include besides LED-lights also bass absorber behind the light slits as well as underneath the steps for optimal acoustics.  The inclination of the building – based on the increase of the slope – carry the gallery. The seemingly transparent seats, which are fixed on iron swords, appear to float above the light slits.

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