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BMW R75/7 Nerboruta by South Garage

South Garage

Milanese custom motorcycle maker South Garage has unveiled the state-of-art BMW R75/7 Nerboruta. The Italian term Nerboruta is used to describe something brawny, muscular and sinewy.

Transforming the late 70s BMW from tourer to bobbed beauty was no easy task. After stripping things down to their barest essentials, the Milan-based crew went to work on handcrafting the parts and pieces to give Nerboruta a stance that earns its name. The geometry received a massive change and the springer front end was fitted. From there, the original tank was tossed in favor of a hand-formed, scalloped unit with a profile fitting the bike’s bobbed rear end.

Wood grain accents are becoming a more prevalent theme in the custom world and South Garage is quickly becoming a master of the art. The handmade wooden seat alone should be exposed in the most famous galleries around the world.

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all images courtesy of South Garage | H/t bikeexif