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Vincent Leroy Shows his Boreal Halo in a 17th-century Church in France

Boreal Halo, Arles, France / Vincent Leroy

Vincent Leroy

As part of the ON festival, artist Vincent Leroy has installed his Boreal Halo within a 17th-century church in Arles, France. The massive inflatable ring, shown in several special locations all over the world, now take the center stage in this fascinating structure, generating an interesting merge of two universes and two very different eras.



The work rotates to the beat of a unique soundtrack, created by Jérôme Echenoz, adding an extra dimension to the experience. The audio background features sounds captured from all over the world, combined with infra-bass, and throbbing vibrations. The installation provides a mesmerizing audiovisual experience, with visitors getting “caught up in this captivating ritornello” explains Leroy.

 Boreal Halo, Arles, France / Vincent Leroy

“The public is caught up in the games and let themselves be carried away by the sweetness and voluptuousness of the atmosphere that emerges from it,” continues Leroy. “The reflections, the shadows, the stone damaged by time, the sound, everything seems to participate in this dreamlike atmosphere. These are perhaps the hidden remains of this Church desecrated in the 18th century. Even the zenithal light of the stained glass windows of the church seems to have come from far away: dreaming, softness, let yourself be taken in by the games, you will come out feeling calmed and stronger.”

 Boreal Halo, Arles, France / Vincent Leroy Boreal Halo, Arles, France / Vincent Leroy Boreal Halo, Arles, France / Vincent Leroy