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Build Beautiful Bathrooms With Designer Shower Drains

Luxurious bathroom freestanding bathtub and shower

When designing a new build or renovation, shower drains are often the last things to be considered. Yet, these fixtures drive the entire look and feel of the space – while protecting against water damage.

Aqaubocci’s solutions strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, giving off a luxuriously svelte ambiance. The innovative systems are optimized for a high flow rate, without compromising on a minimalistic, contemporary style. Bringing out the beauty of the interior through modular systems in a variety of shapes, the designs offer limitless possibilities for creative bathroom design.

Draw inspiration from our feature article and learn about the advantages of these unique products.

High-performance shower strip drains add endless value 

When it comes to grating, a larger surface area is advantageous. Balancing a large footprint with beautiful design in a way that harmonizes with nearby elements, the Aquabocci collection merges form and functionality to promote efficiency and elegance.

With the slim, shallow aspect, the low profile of all shower strip grates in the collection is virtually unnoticeable underfoot. A variety of widths is available to suit aesthetic and functional purposes; ranging from the ultra-slim Blade Shower Kit to the extra-wide A-30, popularly installed as a bold strip through the middle of the floor.

Underfoot, the leveled grate surface is smooth, textured, and flush with tiling. The fine-tuned finish imparts the perfect amount of low-key luxury into the bathing experience – and has the added benefit of easy maintenance.

 Shower with channel drain

Enjoy fuss-free cleaning

Cleaning Aquabocci’saluminium grates is simple. A dedicated lifting tool is used to lift the grate out, where it can be washed with clean water.

Once done, the grates are quickly re-assembled through the thoughtfully designed assembly system. All products are safe from substances like salt or chlorine, further enhancing their versatility.

There are many thicknesses and widths to choose from, with lengths available in either 1200mm or 2400mm. All models can be custom cut to suit the dimensions of the shower or bathroom at hand with a simple circular saw, leading to the perfect placement and configuration for your space.

Invest in custom, modular design that works for you

Geared towards unlocking greater creative freedom, Aquabocci’s collection features models that offer enduring protection and timeless style. The award-winning R-47 x Blade Threshold, designed for installation inside of sliding door tracks, is one of the stand-out products in the line – and is well complemented by the Blade Shower Kit. 

The durable, efficient systems are transforming the look of Australian bathrooms and wet rooms through seamless style and versatile configurations inside and out. Straight lengths and corner pieces are easily installed using end caps and connectors, with strategic spigot outlets to ensure the system works with virtually any layout. Popular configurations include L-shaped corners inside of a cubicle, strips running along the wall, parallel slots, and elegant double-rings along the perimeter of the wet area.

Infinite possibilities for creating the sanctuary you dream of are ready to be explored.

Set the tone with colorful shower strip drains

The color of your drain plays a big role in establishing the ambiance inside a bathroom. Aquabocci’s strip drains come in a palette featuring four neutral colors, all contemporary and versatile in tone. Every model comes in a choice of GT Silver (glossy, metallic silver), Titanium anthracite, matte Black, and soft Champagne. 

Colorsf can be previewed by selecting the desired model from Aquabocci’s shower drains range online, or by requesting a sample. Head on over to their Australia site and explore the range in detail.