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Building a Swimming Pool? Here’s How to Choose Your Options Confidently

Building a Swimming Pool? Here’s How to Choose Your Options Confidently

Swimming Pools are Great!

Anyone who has ever visited or owned a home with a swimming pool knows it doesn’t only look impressive. Swimming pools are valuable assets to homes. Having a swimming pool can increase the value of a house significantly. Swimming pools are also great for entertaining guests and spending time with your family. Whether it be for actual swimming or just to look stunning in your yard, you want to build a swimming pool.

Once the decision to build a swimming pool is made, many people are wondering where to go from there. Building a swimming pool doesn’t have to be a difficult project. With the right preparations, this page can show you how to choose the proper options when building a pool in your backyard.

What to Look for When Choosing a Swimming Pool

Breaking down this decision into sections can help you confidently choose the right swimming pool options for you. There are many things to look for when choosing a swimming pool. Choosing the right size for your space is the first necessary step. When deciding the size and shape you want for a pool, first find the perfect place on your property to build the pool. Pools tend to survive better in fenced in areas behind the house. A backyard is recommended but a front yard can be a great place for a pool too.

After you have determined the amount of space you have for the pool, add a few extra feet on all sides to be on the safe side. This way you can shop for the size pool that best suits your yard.

Once you’ve outlined the spatial requirements for your dream pool, consider contacting the best pool builders in Arizona. Renowned for their expertise, these professionals can transform your vision into reality as they offer versatile designs tailored to diverse preferences.

In Ground vs. Above Ground

Something else important to consider is if the pool will be inground or above ground. There are many benefits to both types of pool. Either type of pool can make for an amazing asset to any house. Let’s compare the benefits of each.

Inground pools can be very expensive, costing anywhere from $30k-$70k. This may seem like a big price, but inground pools are much more valuable when selling your home. An inground pool can also have varying depths throughout, meaning it can be shallow on one end and deep on the other. Inground pools last much longer than above ground pools. An inground pool can last as long as 20 years before the lining material will need a replacement.

Onto above ground pools, they are much less expensive. On average, an above ground pool will cost anywhere from $4k-$12k. Above ground pools can be just as big as inground pools, but do not come in varying depths and will be the same depth all over the pool. An above ground pool will usually last 7-10 years.

Building a Swimming Pool? Here’s How to Choose Your Options Confidently


Now that you’ve chosen the size and type of pool perfect for your home, it is important to assess your land to be sure it is stable enough for a pool. Look for swimming pool builders Austin TX to help you out with this one. Choosing a trustworthy pool builder is important. This job can be very intense! The land space you’ve chosen for your pool will first need to be excavated. The extent of excavation is determined by the chosen pool.

If you are installing an inground pool that reaches six feet deep, the land will need to be excavated to six feet. Choosing the above ground pool will be the simpler option here. An above ground pool area will need to be excavated to ensure the flattest surface possible.


Everyone has a budget and it is an extremely important factor in choosing a pool. The vast array of styles and types of pools make building a pool something you can afford. Swimming pools can be built custom to highlight your home. A swimming pool can be built under $10k or above $100k all custom to fit your needs.

Something else to consider when creating your pool budget are additional costs. If your pool is going to be an inground pool, you will be expected to pay for excavation. All pools should have a patio or deck area and this will cost an additional stack of cash as well. A realistic estimate for excavation can be anywhere from $3k-$13k for any pool. A smaller budget should definitely take the extra costs into account and it’s always a good idea to add a bit of padding to a budget.

Building a Swimming Pool? Here’s How to Choose Your Options Confidently


The appearance of the pool is probably the most important consideration. The thought of adding a pool to you home brings visions of creating a backyard paradise. Building a pool can create a space for tranquility as well as endless fun. These are some of the reasons that the appearance of the pool is so important.

There are many things that can make a pool unique and beautiful. The material of a pool can change the appearance, price, and longevity of the pool. You can create a gorgeous pool for a high price with fiberglass. Fiberglass pools are elegant and last a couple decades but are much higher in cost than vinyl. A vinyl pool can also have elegant appearance, but are much cheaper and the lining lasts only a fraction of the time. A vinyl lining will need to be replaced every five years.

A concrete pool can also be an option. Concrete pools are an alternative option to the more popular building materials. A concrete pool can last much longer than any other pool and are generally considered the most durable. This type of pool can only be built inground. They also take much longer to install. While the other materials listed here can take 1-5 weeks to install, a concrete pool may take as long as 2-3 months. Concrete pools also require more cleaning maintenance. Although they are more work, concrete pools can be well worth it for the longevity.

The Bottom Line

All the information given are just some of the things to consider. Choosing the best option for a swimming pool takes careful consideration. If you follow the topics for consideration you should be able to confidently choose the best option for you. Remember to carefully consider the type of pool, land, space, style, and your budget. These considerations should effectively help you make the best choice you can. If you’re looking to build a swimming pool in Texas, look for Swimming Pool Builders Austin TX.