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Building Your Home — The Easy Way!

Building Your Home — The Easy Way!

More people than ever are choosing to forgo the traditional and build their own homes. Increasing in popularity, custom build homes are great for everyone wanting to plan their own grand design or something completely specified around their lifestyle and aesthetic. According to research done by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) done in October 2020, almost a third of adults are interested in the design and build of their own home.

In this article, we explore why custom-builds have become so popular and the important things to consider when building your own home.

The popularity of custom builds

There are a few big reasons why so many more people are choosing to build their own as opposed to purchasing a previously existing one.

First off, if you do it right a custom build can be cheaper than purchasing it from a developer. In fact, if you budget the right way your home could be worth around 20% more than the combined build and land cost. You’ll also be able to design your home to meet your needs when it comes to the layout, fixtures and fittings. When it comes to the environment, you can actually choose to create a more energy-efficient home.

Finally, you can reclaim VAT on your material and labour costs, and the government’s stamp duty is charged on the cost of your land rather than the total value of the finished location. And of course, there’s the satisfaction of knowing you’re living in a home that’s been entirely built around you and your tastes. These are just some of the big reasons why custom builds are so popular. 

All the important things to consider


You have to be really clear on your timeline when starting out on a custom build project to make sure everything falls into place. Everything from waiting for the right contractor, to ensuring you have time to invest in design and more and account for any potential delays. Not everything will go exactly to plan, so building in a bit of time for those moments that they don’t will help keep everything running smoothly and reduce any potential stress.

Personal recommendations

Sometimes it can be tough to choose who to work with when there’s so many options out there. When in doubt, check in with friends, family and colleagues who will be likely to know your expectations and style. Getting a personal recommendation is always a good idea as you can get a bit of an idea of any issues or added value a contractor or designer can offer.

Do your homework

It’s really important to know what you’re getting yourself into before starting a custom-build project so make sure that you do your homework! These things can take time as it’s a huge investment to make, so getting your research in when it comes to any necessary planning permissions, build requirements and more will have an impact on your experience. Make sure you check out any relevant reviews online (although don’t get too focused on one or two complaints if there’s loads of positive ones!).


This one should go without saying, but budget is massively important to consider when buying any home, whether you’re building it yourself or not. Be sure to be clear on your maximum budget and then work within it; sticking to it can be tough but it’s for the best in the long run. Within budget, make sure you’re still not taking the cheap route. Your custom built home is an investment — you’re going to be living in it after all, and why make the effort to build one yourself if you’re not going to be happy with the final result.

Communication is key

When it comes to any project, whether that’s professional or personal relationships, communication is key. You’ll want to be transparent with everyone involved, from contractors to interior designers and more about what your expectations are an keep all the communication channels clear throughout the process of the build. Building a home is a huge endeavour that takes a lot of work from a variety of parties, that all need to communicate with each other to keep things on track. So make sure to keep this in mind before you start building your dream home with a team to help!