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Camper Store in Palma de Mallorca by Fernando Amat

Fernando Amat, who realized the first Camper store in 1981, has designed a new boutique for the footwear brand in Palma de Mallorca, inspired by the same pragmatism and the sense of functionality as the first.

“The idea is to highlight the product through a system of modules dramatised by dioramas, where the shoes are the protagonists and the brand’s logo acts as the background” explains Amat.


Customers navigate their way through a series of partitions and mirrored boxes with cut out sections that display the shoes. These can be reconfigured each season to suit different styles.

“The dark ceiling helps to focus the view of the product on display and the customer can comfortably walk through the shop, like a museum, between the modules and the set of mirrors that broadens the perception of the space” he adds.

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