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Meet CHEW, The First Chewable, Reusable And Pocketable Straw

CHEW: Pocketable, Chewable and Reusable Straw

Three young Singapore-based designers, Lim Jing Jie, Tommy Cheong and Kevin Yeo, have created a one of its kind reusable straw. Instead of having what looks like a long, metal pole sticking out of your pockets, this new type of straw can be taken apart and reassembled for easy storage. “We want CHEW to encourage you to go green while still retaining all the joy of straws you’ve used in the past,” says the Singapore-based design team behind CHEW.

 CHEW: Pocketable, Chewable and Reusable Straw CHEW: Pocketable, Chewable and Reusable Straw

CHEW is the first pocketable, chewable and reusable straw. “We have always thought of buying reusable straws, but never found one that quite met our needs,” explains the three young designers. “You always end up adjusting to them instead of the other way around. Carrying them around by hand or in a fabric case that traps all that residual moisture. Pursing your lips to shield your teeth every time you take a sip or try to reposition your straw.”

“You should be able to enjoy your drink to the fullest, which is why we wanted to keep sipping the drink of your choice effortless and enjoyable while still letting you be eco-friendly,” they add. CHEW features 4 different chewable tip designs to let you enjoy your drink without having to think each time you sip. At the same time, it’s case protects your straw and helps you dry spin your straw in a way you’ve never seen before, keeping your straw moisture free and clean.

 CHEW: Pocketable, Chewable and Reusable Straw CHEW: Pocketable, Chewable and Reusable Straw

CHEW also features textured chewable tips which add a new layer to your usual drinking experience. Chew to your heart’s content on food grade food safe silicone tips inspired by nature and classic graphical elements, including one Kickstarter exclusive design based on the sea.

The eco-friendly CHEW straw is available for purchase on Kickstarter with a starting price of $23 SGD (approximately $17 USD).