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Choosing Your Own Bathroom Blinds and Curtains: A Few Tips from the Experts

Choosing Your Own Bathroom Blinds and Curtains: A Few Tips from the Experts

Bathroom blinds and curtains serve a purpose that is quite different from what they are used for everywhere else in a home. This is why those new blinds that you are planning to get for your newly remodelled bathroom might require a second thought.

Stay with us as we discuss the top ten tips from the industry experts for choosing bathroom blinds and curtains. Do read on even if you are looking to buy shower curtains or blinds for any other section of your home as well, because as you will see soon, these tips cover more than just bathroom curtains

Bathroom Blinds/Curtains Should be Made from Tough Fabric

The bathroom is generally a moist, steamy place, which makes some of the materials unusable inside a washroom. Pay a visit to the Yorkshire Fabric Shop and use their site to spot exactly what you need in your bathroom. Not only will they be able to suggest and supply you with the fabric for your bathroom curtains, but their huge online collection has every material or theme that you could possibly need to make curtains for every room in your home.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has remained a reliable and comprehensive local source of upholstery fabric for years, but now their online shop also accepts international orders from across the globe. Go through their collection of cotton, silk and canvas first, as these are known for being the most resistant to water damage which a shower curtain or a bathroom window curtain is most likely to endure. If you choose cotton or silk though, be sure to add a mould-resistant lining to the curtains while making them. Canvas, on the other hand, is a much sturdier more water-resistant fabric.

You Should Not be Using Wood Blinds in the Bathroom

Wood blinds are quite unmatched in their aesthetic appeal, but the problem is that almost all varieties of wood are susceptible to water damage. With the proper sealants in place, they can last longer of course, but eventually, the water protection won’t be sufficient and the wood will begin to rot. As natural wood also costs a lot more than the alternatives, it may not be an investment worth making for bathroom windows.

It Can Still Look Just Like Wood Though

One may argue that original wood looks distinguished and people can tell the difference quite easily. That isn’t entirely wrong, but spotting a well-made faux wood blind by simply looking at it is not as easy as people make it out to be. Besides, if you are willing to pay more, try composite instead, which has wood in it, but isn’t as conducive to moisture as natural wood. It looks and feels like wood, without the chance of rot and termite infestations of course.

 Choosing Your Own Bathroom Blinds and Curtains: A Few Tips from the Experts

Vinyl Can be an Economic Choice with Complete Waterproofing

In case you do not want to spend as much on the blinds or curtains, but instead would rather have long lasting, completely waterproof materials for your blinds, vinyl comes highly recommended. It isn’t cheap, but compared to wood or composite, it might be slightly cheaper. What makes vinyl curtains/blinds a solid choice is the cost-efficiency that they bring. Admittedly, it won’t be as gorgeous as silk or cotton, but they will last for a long time to come. If that lands you in a dilemma, then ask yourself, how long do you plan to live in your current house and what is your budget for this curtain replacement project? The choices should be made accordingly.

Go with Fabric that Matches or Contrasts Your Bathroom Decor

In case you decide to go with fabric instead of plastic (vinyl), that would be a classy choice and it would allow you to choose with greater freedom than any plastic, composite or wood blinds possibly can. The fabrics come in so many themes, colours and materials that you will be spoilt for choice, if anything. It grants further control over the décor in your bathroom, because that variety can be put to use by either contrasting or matching the surrounding décor and paint.

Shower curtains in particular, offer the opportunity to truly add some personality to your entire bathroom. Try and avoid generic patterns as even a premium fabric like satin can be made to look dull and uninteresting, unless you customise the designs to some degree. Even if you are considering blinds, it is suggested to go with Roman blinds for being able to use fabric and retain your freedom of choice. Getting rid of plastic products inside your bathroom is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

You Might Want to Ensure Complete Insulation

The United Kingdom is not a particularly warm place, especially during the winter months, so you may want to make sure that when you do close your curtains or blinds on the bathroom windows, they seal off the inside from the outside completely. Failure of insulation can make for very difficult wintertime showers, and it will raise your energy bills quite significantly. In this department, composite and vinyl have a significant edge over the competition. If you live in a particularly cold part of the country, refrain from using fabric on your bathroom windows, and keep it reserved for the shower curtains only. An exception to that rule would be of course if you have double-paned windows, because they provide complete insulation all on their own.

As one might have noticed by now, some of the tips mentioned here are specific to bathrooms for sure, but a number of them are also ideal for any room of the house. It’s true that bathroom curtains and blinds need to be tougher than their counterparts in the other rooms and if your budget isn’t particularly high, canvas and vinyl are likely going to be two of your only choices. Then again, if we were to spend a small fortune on redecorating and remodelling a bathroom, only to ignore the final aspects of complementing the remodel, what would be the point of it all anyway?