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CLUB XII Boutique Gym in Madrid by i! arquitectura

Miguel de Guzman

Behind the new facade of raw steel of an old bank in Madrid, Spanish studio i! arquitectura has designed the CLUB XII boutique gym. Idoia Otegui, founder of i! arquitectura, has combined together elements and details, such as lighting from a club music and materials from a cultural club, to create a fitness center that allows users to relax and forget about everyday life.

Described as a microworld where we feel handsome, strong and energetic, the new CLUB XII is a place to make friends, business and exercise, a little house to drink a coffee while listening to music, a beach to do 15 pushups, a lounge where stretch muscles talking with new friends or chilling under the shade of a tree.

Inside gym equipments describe the space flooded by warm and indirect light, with dark and golden colors, wood and copper reflections.

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all images © Miguel de Guzman