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Current Web Design and Trends

Current Web Design and Trends

We have come a long way since the early days of the internet. Back then, internet websites were a crude version of what we have today, with no solid basis of what a website should look like. High contrasting colors that do not fit with each other combined with many navigational elements, fonts and icons that do not work well together. When looking at the very first generation of websites, it is very clear that the people who developed them relied on function and not so much on aesthetics. The text itself was also crudely placed on the page with no formatting and arranged similarly to something like what can be found in a text editor. Nowadays, having a high-quality website is essential if you want to attire your customers. For instance, if you look for web design surrey, you’ll find many great agencies that provide excellent UX design services using the best tools to build a site that’s attractive and easy to navigate. This way, your prospects will experience a website that’s not just simple to use but expresses your business’s mission, values, and vision.

When the first-ever GUI was made available on Windows in 1990, it was later possible to incorporate it into web design as well here. Microsoft was still a bit behind Apple’s Macintosh during this time and lacked the icon-based file manager of the Mac. Nevertheless, the OS gained popularity around the world and was very good and sharp looking for its time.

Adding Visuals and Structure

As web pages become more and more complex, tables were also introduced during this period to be able and accommodate more features while making everything as organized as possible. With the help of tables, web designers and web design companies were able to add the text in blocks, making it easier to create more complex websites without making the page look too chaotic and difficult for visitors to navigate. There are certain characteristics of a web page that were popular and attractive at certain times. In modern times, minimalism is the dominant design style. Everything from the text, icons and other elements are becoming flatter with solid and softer colours. Large bodies of text were no longer acceptable and information started to become more categorized and at a certain point, even scrolling was unpopular.

Adobe Flash made it possible to incorporate multimedia elements and features on the website and the very first ever videos and music made it on the web. Later, it made it possible for web-based animations to be created. Flash was able to bring a lot more visual appeal to the websites and later, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a coding language adopted in the early 2000s that was able to add more sophistication and function. This allowed the creation of social media websites. CSS managed to perfect the visual elements that Flash brought to the web by improving the overall presentation of the web page and also made web templates more common.

Current Web Design and Trends

Design Changes and Multiple Platforms

Smartphones have greatly influenced the design of websites and things needed to be changed to suit the mobile platform. When the internet became available for mobile phones, the pages retained the same desktop layout, making it difficult to navigate. After 2010, text, visual graphics and animations have become common on web pages and also very adaptive depending on the environment. Since then, web pages are designed to work well on any device that the users choose, from the portrait-like screen of mobile phones to the slightly larger screens of tables and of course, a desktop format. The design is kept as minimalist, aesthetically pleasing and very responsive.

No matter the type of website, every one of them tends to follow these principles, be it a news site, blog, gaming site, etc. The graphics of casino games play an incredibly important role, especially in online casinos. With ever-increasing hardware and internet speeds, online casino platforms can provide better and better graphics with more effects and complex designs able to be rendered at the same time.

The games found on online casino platforms are produced by a gaming company which then distributes the games to online operators. There are a few fundamentals that are being taken when such a website is being developed such as the theme and structure of the website. To be appealing for most people, the modern design trends need to be adopted so that navigation is familiar and functionality is top-notch. Their homepage usually features one of their flagship games, either being one of the many table or slot games as well as featuring the most played games on their site.

The future of web design looks promising and many designers are constantly looking to improve the web experience. Something that is being talked about is automating some processes of web design while leaving a few areas for later adding some personal and finishing touches. Algorithms can help streamline some of the more repetitive aspects of web design, giving designers  more time to focus on creativity. Other trends seem to be focused more on mobile responsiveness, voice optimization and maintaining a minimalist approach to the content presented on site.